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Father held over fatal abuse of 20-month-old daughter


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It seems like everyday what is wrong with these people......

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Tetta Fujiwara, 21, from Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture, has denied inflicting injuries on his daughter Ema resulting in her death on Jan 3, 

Yes, of course he has denied it. Where’s the, “the baby wouldn’t stop crying so I hit it” excuse? At least he could try for something original like, “the baby was hit by a meteorite.” Scumbag!

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It took 6 months to arrest this individual?

I hope this fool goes away for a long, long time. I doubt anyone would miss his presence.

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This is really sad. The mother must have suspected something.

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Shame the nation's new "laws" are so toothless when it comes to not allowing no abuse, with no punishment.

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The new laws are not retroactive, Smith. Regardless of their content I don't think this case will be affected by them.

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