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Father killed by car driven by son in Shiga


A 79-year-old man was killed Saturday night after being hit by a car driven by his son in Higashi-Omi City, Shiga Prefecture, police said Sunday. Police arrested the son, 43-year-old Kazuyuki Kubo, on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter on Sunday.

According to police, Kubo and his mother had been out searching for his father Yoshikazu, who had left the house for a walk and hadn't come back by 8:30 p.m. Police said Kubo has admitted to hitting his father with car, but was vague on how it happened.

The accident occurred on a one-lane road about three kilometers from the family's home.

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Is this a tragic accident or another family murder? Sadly, the statistics and sketchy info point to the latter.

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Father killed by son's car in Shiga

Did Herbie finally lose it? What a strange headline considering the son did admit to hitting his father with the car, regardless of intent.

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My condolences to the survivors.

What time did the father leave for his walk? How far away from their home was the accident? Was it a hit and run?

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"Police said Kubo has admitted to hitting his father with car, but was vague on how it happened."

Bizarre. I think he said too much and now wants to go back and change his story. "And his mother" what is that? Was she in the car? Was she really driving? He is covering for her? She jerked the steering wheel?

Chocky, I think the idea is that there some question as to whether he really did it. But his car definitely did.

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The headline, 'Father killed by son's car in Shiga' certainly grabbed me, too. Deliberately misleading or just bad English? I had visions of a possessed car à la Stephen King. (But Herbie would just as scary, Chocky.)

But seriously, lots of questions here.

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Who knows what transpired before the father 'went for a walk'. Was the son searching for his father or hunting him?

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How tragic ... and how sad the people automatically assume that it wasn't an accident.

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murder of family is a pity of Japan now. we must stop the murder of in the family

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Looks like they changed the headline to be more accurate.

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Thats to big of a coincidence. But what a smart way to kill someone. How can anyone prove it wasnt an accident. I wonder what the motive was.

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