Father may have attempted murder suicide with children in car: police


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Headline doesn’t make sense. This ‘triple, child-murder, then suicidedefinitely doesn’t make sense. So, we imagine, most people are here only to ‘follow up’ on this story *@letsberealistic 10:29a JST**. *

It’s not ‘morbid curiosity’; we’re reading out of ‘compassion for others’ and trying to ‘come to terms’ with it.

*@letsberealistic**: It’s the media who formulate the “clickbait’ headlines and work hard to draw some viewers with their gruesome “morbid curiosity*” and lurid comments. Compassion, and/or solutions don’t get ‘clicks’.

As a follow up to earlier, today: now understand your POV, especially when the above article publishes the possible “How To ...” methods.

You often request: “Please refrain from reporting suicides,... to reduce ‘copycat’ suicides. Go check the stats - it will alarm you.’ - Still curious about Your ‘specific source’ of info so we can understand Your perspective? -

Learned yesterday from some veteran posters, sadly, this**** society just sees murder-suicide as the assailant ‘cleaning house’, putting things ‘in order’, so there are no remnants to be a burden on this society. - Our ‘outsider’ minds can’t easily comprehend this aspect of their culture. Best wishes to All. -

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I know plenty of people will sympathize with him, and make every excuse under the sun. But he is an animal. Killing chikdren is inexcusable. Period.

Execute this child killer.

Fly high, three little Angels.

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May have? Well, he killed the tree kids and jumped out of a 4th floor window.

I'm not a detective but I'd say they may well be on the money.

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Sounds like a single dad who snapped...?

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NHK is reporting that there had been previous assaults on the boy, requiring temporary removal.

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News like this basically weekly.

Japan has a nation-wide mental problem. Not mental insanity, just the fact that people don't know how to think using common sense and logic.

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Tragic. Kill yourself if you want but not the innocents. Thirty years minimum.

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News like this basically weekly.

Japan has a nation-wide mental problem

No, Japan has 120 million people, so among that huge number some terrible things happen every day. Perspective?

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