Father of actor Tadanobu Asano arrested again for using stimulant drugs


Police in Tokyo have arrested Yukihisa Sato, 68, the father of 44-year-old actor Tadanobu Asano on suspicion of violating the Stimulants Control Law for the second time.

A police officer saw Sato with a young woman in a convenience store in Machida last Friday night, Fuji TV reported. The officer said Sato was acting suspiciously, sweating profusely and slurring his words. He was detained for voluntary questioning. Police said Sato’s urine tested positive for a stimulant drug or kakuseizai, as it is called in Japanese.

Sato has admitted to the charge, and was quoted by police as saying he had been using the stimulants since mid-June.

Last November, Sato was arrested for the same offense. At that time, Shibuya police officers saw him walking unsteadily along a street in Dogenzaka at around 2 a.m. on Nov 30 and stopped him for questioning. He was found to be in possession of a glass pipe and was asked to accompany officers to the police station. An analysis of his urine tested positive for a stimulant drug. He was given a suspended sentence.

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Let me guess another suspended sentence waiting to happen the reason he keepsdoing it is because there's no real consequence but if it was somebody like me I'd be jailed and then deported

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Let's hope the justice system does what's right this time

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//Michael JacksonToday  07:25 am JST

Let me guess another suspended sentence waiting to happen the reason he keepsdoing it is because there's no real consequence but if it was somebody like me I'd be jailed and then deported//

Yes you are correct, if you are not citizen of Japan.

Because, why JP GOVT will spend US$4,000(+-) for you every month in prison???

GOVT only like "hachi mitsu" not "hachi".

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But as a permanent resident legally I should be treated as every other Japanese

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Just give the guy a laminated pass from the koban to show police anytime he gets stopped and questioned so they know to let him go.

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He's an old man. If he's not bothering anybody, they should leave him alone. Regarding non-Japanese, most sane countries deport immigrants who break laws and are a drain on society. Why shouldn't they?

Incidentally, I do know one foreigner who was nabbed with illegal drugs (for personal use - not large amounts) coming into the country. They released him after a few days with a warning, because he had a business that employed Japanese.

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If his son wasn't a celeb, this story would have been spiked. Like this one should have been.

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Dear Michael Jackson

Permanent resident is NOT a citizen, if arrested and prosecuted, you will definitely be given better options than a tourist or a visa resident but your status can definitely be revoked.. since its just that, a status of stay.

So yes, on serious enough offence without mitigating circumstances ( kids etc ) you will and should be deported.

In other news, since he already has a suspended sentence, he will automatically go to sit a year or so ( or whatever the term is... might be 3 years for stimulants ) ,should do him good , will definitely help him to get off the drugs... although at his age... not sure if that matters much really.

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He has a disease and addiction to highly toxic and addictive narcotic. He needs help with his disease.

Jail is not the answer. Treatment is. He is not causing any harm to himself or anyone else but his family. If someone really cared for this man. They would 12 step him.

There is something in his life or with in the mans soul making him turn to the drug to make him feel he needs it to feel good.

As far as the foreigner getting caught with contraband and illegal substances. Japan is very harsh on those who are caught. If you play in that game. Your going to get caught eventually. Your going to be investigated and questioned and followed everywhere you go. If your married to a Japanese national. You are going to embarrass the entire family. Japan maybe in the dark ages about drugs and treatment. However I like the fact I do not need to see open use like other countries including my own. I hope Japan never changes its laws when it comes to strict narcotic laws. Japan is not perfect by any means.

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But as a permanent resident legally I should be treated as every other Japanese

I don't think that's a legal obligation, nor a moral one for that matter. As a permanent resident, you have been granted to reside permanently. You have not been granted the rights of a citizen. For that you would need to apply for those rights - aka get Japanese citizenship.

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I meant he is not violent (yet) or causing any harm to anyone else,but himself. Sorry for the in-completion of thought to sentence.

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Son Asano is a good actor though, liked him since his movie Helpless. Appeared in so many movies abroad as well. One of the few manly handsome Japanese actor of the 90s/Modern Japanese Cinema.

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This is really just a sad story. Punishment is NOT a deterrent to drug usage. Either people want to do it for fun, and will do it anyways, or they get hooked, and can't stop even if they are freaked out about getting punished.

They need help, not punishment.

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Time to stop criminalizing and start legalizing and treating drug addicts. They need help just like alcoholics do. Wake up, Japan! We're already seventeen years into the 21st century!

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1st time..mistake...2nd time stupidity, he's had a warning/wake up call for the first offence, as for the second time, well now he will have to face unto the full force of the law.

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Have they considered rehabilitation? Drugs are powerful and addicts need to be rehabiliated so they will not use them again.

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@ Brian - maybe so in any other country, but this is Japan. He will get another suspended sentence.

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@ JT, please run the followup story so we know outcome of this case

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Lock em up. If not, we are just gonna see this news for the 3rd time. Then the 4th time. Then the 5th time.................. Lock em up!

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