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FBI raids U.S. offices of Japanese auto parts maker


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I'm curious if, like in Japan, they call a week in advance and then send 300 police with white gloves to take a bunch of boxes.

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smithinjapan: why did you think they were surprised, didnt go as in Japan. heh. Never understood WHY the Japanese always bring EVERYTHING to their office, moving of evidence makes the crimescene well.....touched.

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Takata harnesses are great, IMHO.

Hope this is not a repeat of the previous trouble they had...

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They make more than race harnesses. Could be for some oem recal stuff.

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smithinjapan, only the Japanese take those boxes, but they leave with them too and they are empty, but make them look heavy. The only people in this country still not computerized are small medical clinics, and every ward office in Japan. Blues sheets are good too.

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oh wow, i know where this place is at! close to home. hopefully it's nothing serious.

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Probably something to do with terrorists using Takata harnesses to hold their suicide vests together...

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According to another news article:

Takata's biggest customer is Honda and then General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford. They do the least amount of sales with Toyota.

The U.S. Department of Justice did not talk specifically about the raid, but a spokesperson told Action News there is an ongoing investigation into automotive electronic parts suppliers for violating anti-trust laws.

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Evidence of price fixing??? Glad to see the FBI leaping to protect the people.

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Worked in Takata Hikone plant for 10 months. There were 4 hakken kaishas then. The factory is running 24 hours and ran by fairly good J men. Problem was there were no insurance whatsoever even unemployment insurance. So everybody wanted overtime hours just to get the 25% increase with no real care as to the quality of products. Wonder what happened to the others during the economic upheaval in 2009. And even now I still wonder why medical examination was not given to a certain group, like the yakkin where I used to belong.

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nandakandamanda at 07:38 PM JST - 9th February Evidence of price fixing??? Glad to see the FBI leaping to protect the >people.

The FBI are often used as an investigative arm in Federal cases. Many of those cases of course don't involve crime or terrorism at all. Undoubtedly your comment is echoed by some of the special agents themselves.

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The FBI are often used as an investigative arm in Federal cases

Is that why FBI stand for Federal Bureau of Investigation?

The station says the FBI is seeking any communications between Takata and other seat belt suppliers beginning in 2005

Yep, looks like a price fixing investigation.

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