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Wife of slain foster home head still fighting for truth 5 years on

By Sae Kushibe

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The legal system here is so closed to the public. If you don’t have the shiny pin on your lapel you ain’t in the club. But to reform the legal system means expanding it. Expanding it to more meet the needs of the public requires money and thinking outside the box, two things Japan is extremely stingy with. Also the reform system would need expanding as the police would be required to actually go after criminals who flout the law, yes even the small aggravations like traffic violations, open prostitution, and especially public nuisance.

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“What does this have to do with Saitama?” I thought.

in 2019, the Tokyo Reporter reported …

According to police, Hitoshi Tahara, of no known occupation, said that he acted out of “revenge” in admitting to using a knife to stab Shinya Omori, 46, in the abdomen at Wakakusaryo, a foster home located in the Hatagaya area [Shibuya-ku] that provides care to minors.

Officers arrested Tahara at the scene on suspicion of attempted murder. During questioning, the suspect said that he acted out of resentment toward the facility due to his time spent there. “Anyone was fine,” he was quoted by police.

The suspect also said that he had been living in various internet cafes and purchased the knife in Omiya City, Saitama Prefecture between two and three weeks ago.


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What ever happened to that American guy who slashed and killed his wife in front of the Tokyo family court? He was not guilty because of paranoid delusions and voices. Canada did something similar with the Chinese bus cannibal for delusions of god or something. Seems worldwide if killers exhibit classic signs of schizophrenia they are let off and medical treatment for years is there only punishment. Not unique to Japan.

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Seems worldwide if killers exhibit classic signs of schizophrenia they are let off

This statement is not accurate, nor correct.

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The way of the world as we live it today. It seems when a person does the "RIGHT THING" they get punished or frowned upon, but when a person does the "WRONG THING" they get reward and their deeds are looked at as if its ok there is no harm or foul. This is where people are starting to scratch their heads because the actions are so plain to see and people are getting the answers for something they justly see all they get is excuses, or blanket statements that doesn't answer the questions. Like in the article written.

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The case seemed to answer all her questions. Murderer found insane, will go to a mental facility for the rest of his life. Her husband was just unlucky. Bad things sometimes happen to good people

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All her questions are not answered. She wants the murderer to be convicted and jailed for the murder. It doesn’t say in article that the murderer will stay in psychiatric institution for life time.

why a murderer would have so much privacy protection. It’s nonsense. All information should be provided to victim’s families. If he’s mentally sick, he won’t have capacity to mind of his information. Nothing should be kept secret, or hidden from victim’s relatives.

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