Financial watchdog searches Bigmotor, Sompo Japan over fraud case


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Probably not the only ones. Need to take a look at other companies that provide 3rd party insurance.

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Wait still no arrest?

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Big Japanese company caught carrying out illegal practices for decades. Perform a self-investigation. Declare themselves innocent. Illegal practices continue.

More whistle-blowers come forward. Government finally gets involved. Much bowing and a symbolic resignation or 2. No arrests, no consequences.

Sound familiar?

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Sompo Japan, which sold a large portion of its auto insurance through Bigmotor, is accused of purposely ignoring the fraudulent practices to avoid damaging the relationship.

Geez, like isn't it typical business here in Japan for companies to cozy up together to fleece the people and make money?

These guys are just following in the footsteps of the government!

Oh right, my bad, they got caught and it went public, that's why they are screwed!

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Man, they have been given so long to destroy the evidence.

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Too little too late as per usual !!

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Sompo Japan, which sold a large portion of its auto insurance through Bigmotor, is accused of purposely ignoring the fraudulent practices to avoid cutting off a profit stream,knowing the penalties, if any, would be far less than the years of profits made from the illegal practices .

Fixed to amend the Japan Inc. misleading by vague euphemism propaganda.

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Now take a look at the housing market practices like “ key/thank you” money fees

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The fraud was to the point of being comical. Better late than never.

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bowing comedy on front of some weeks to come.

until them moving money.hide all possible data.

than some suspended sentence for some "soldier" in as usual.

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Happens with all dealers and al insurance companies but not to this extent.

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So many scandals with Japanese companies every other week and zero actions to anyone reasonible or even inconvenienced in any way. If any of them had a foreign person on the board you can absolutley be 1000% sure they would be incarcerated for this.

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This is regretable. However, we must move on from these sorts of bad apple company news. They are minimal and there are more important things for us to be discuss in Japan.

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One company caught in fraud scheme ? Isolated incident ? Naah, it's Japan, ANOTHER one just got caught, which immediately implicate another, there will be more, because 99% of Japanese companies are rotten in its core, the 1% are unicorns-pegasus.

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