Japanese fishing boat owner pleads guilty in shark finning case


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Foul. The selfishness of this is in-like with the selfishness of whaling.

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Of all the cruel things humans do to animals, cutting the fins off sharks and throwing the immobilised but often still living body back overboard to sink and either slowly drown or be eaten alive by predators is one of the cruellest.

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I was unknowingly served this soup at a company party once, I thought it was a bowl of Clagg ( glue) paste? When I said "this isn't nice" I was then told it's an expensive delicacy? Well I couldn't eat it. But the Boss was so proud of himself...I just chewed on something else for 10 minutes only to be told it was jelly fish, really why? Do people eat it. I like fish and chips, just not tiger parts, bats, rats....rhinos bits, elephant bits. It's the people who pay for it that drives the market. If you are hungry that hungry go to a convenient store.

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Fin cutting is a most cruel act!

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What is wrong with jelly fish? They are in no danger of extinction.

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These Disgusting, cruel, greedy people should have their limbs cut off, then be thrown back into society.

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So cruel!!! Add several zeros to the fine and it will impact companies destroying our planet!

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Chinese fishermen do that regularly, as the demand for shark fins is huge.

And they will never get punished by the Chinese govnment.

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