Five detained over China Uniqlo sex tape


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Those detained include the couple suspected of shooting the video—showing a mostly clothed man and a naked woman apparently having sex—

wait a minute... so if he was mostly clothed how was he.... ohhhhhh I get it.

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That was dumb, but she was hot! Well wishing luck and hope not jail time only a fine.

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"....unsavory video". Well that's subjective.

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It seems unbelievable that Uniqlo played a part in this, but it's not beyond the realm of possibility that some Chinese Uniqlo manager thought this would be a great publicity stunt. I read an article a while ago about how families in rural China hire strippers to attend funerals so that as many people as possible will show up, which is supposed to be a sign of respect for the dead. Anything is possible when we're talking about China.

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The police investigation has two main parts: who published this unsavoury video...

"unsavoury video"

Well, seriously, when you're the "Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC)" and saying late Wednesday that distributing the footage was “against socialist core values”, of course you're going to say that but I'm guessing that some made a copy and took it home for 'further investigation'.

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First Japan opens Uniqlo in China then they bring spontaneous sex with it? How dare they!

Video was nothing special though but glad she was the only one naked.

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Core values, yeah. I'd like to know more about those.

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After reviewing the video once again it made me recall one thing about women in China: underarm hair.

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looks like a stunt imo and ive a member of the mile high club ;o) make up your own minds here..... being repressed can make you do crazy things.

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If the government in China allowed these types of videos and porn, then I bet there'd be less people trying to access online pages with more "political" content.

Then again, Sora Aoi is a superstar there, so.....

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Well, the Chinese at of course censoring it, but the US specialty sites are happy to serve as backups (i guess posting THOSE links here would make the moderator explode). Cute couple,BTW, and I can see how the rumor of a deliberate video by Uniqlo would be spread by the Chinese. They think of Japanese women as being always horny somehow, and Japan in the main source of Asian porn. I thought the best marketing campaign Uniqlo did was that hypnotic Uniqlock:**

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wait a minute... so if he was mostly clothed how was he.... ohhhhhh I get it.


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No, it was straight up intercourse. The girl is pretty hot too.

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So like J porn in a J store? I find this funny.

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It's all over the web,only a minute long & that this tripe went viral says a lot about society

CHINESE Society!

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