Many child welfare centers failing to share abuse info with police


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But a city official said that although efforts will be made to strengthen information sharing, the general view of child welfare centers is that there are "various degrees of abuse" and not all require cooperation with the police.

Fire this idiot immediately.

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Once again, looking for excuses for a systematic problem that has existed since it's inception. Don't ask, don't tell. And this is TOTALLY unforgivable here;

The family moved to Tokyo in January. Information regarding the alleged child abuse was passed on to a Tokyo child welfare center, and an official visited the family's home on Feb 9 but was denied an opportunity to see the child by her mother.

The incident occurred after the child care welfare center determined that "the priority was to maintain a relationship of trust with the parents."

Just making excuses for their failure to do their job!


Child Services "Is anyone home? "


"Ok, we'll come back at another time", (walking away while a child is literally dying inside!)

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'various degrees of abuse'. Unbelievable.

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Just making excuses for their failure to do their job!

Land Of Excuses, isn't it. Mr. Goto has been fighting against child abuse, child pornography and the sexual exploitation of children in Japan for years now with Think Kids but progress is so slow in this country.

Why is the protection of children so weak in Japan? Why is there seemingly so little political will to make changes? Child pornography was only outlawed in 2015. 2015!

This case is heartbreaking; maybe the sheer horror of what the poor child faced will stir the bureaucracy and politicians to get off their fat arses and do something useful.

Shinzo spends an awful lot of time flying around the world handing out money. When he's at home he makes a lot of grandiose speeches about "protecting Japan". Given Japan's abysmal record on child-related issues why is he not making this a priority?

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Alfie NoakesToday 08:54 am JST

Why is the protection of children so weak in Japan? Why is there seemingly so little political will to make changes?

I think that would require an acknowledgement by some quite important people that this problem has existed all the while they and their colleagues have been in positions of authority, and that up until now they haven't bothered to do much about it. That would be too embarrassing so in order to maintain the peasants' trust in their lords and masters, aka the politicians and bureaucrats, it's better to let things continue as they are.

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The incompetance of these centers knows no bounds.

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The other day I posted that child abuse was on the increase in Japan and not just because more cases were reported. Child abuse ‘is’ increasing even though ‘less’ cases are being reported. Add to this the large amount of and increasing family murders (one report every day for the last fortnight) and it’s pretty easy to see that society in Japan is in trouble. People are under way too much pressure from work and from school and there is no escape from working 60-100 hours a week (including students). People have to ‘snap’ under this kind of mental pressure and it’s always the kids or defenseless that cop it.

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Priority is to maintain trust with the parents. the priority is NOT protecting the helpless child from abusive parents. Total retards. Sounds more like a parent welfare center. They should have arrest warrants from the police whenever parents deny them entry, that's what. But when their own employees are as idiotic as the guy in the story there's little hope.

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Why tell the police ? they refuse to get involved with private matters like this and DV, even when lives are at risk..

They wouldn't do anything anyway!

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This is a pervasive, systemic problem that needs urgent attention. New protocols for reporting, communication between agencies and follow up have to be put in place. The first charge of abuse should have been followed up by both welfare personnel and the cops, the second charge should have seen the child taken into care pending an assessment of the home environment.

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Lorem Ipsum:

I believe judges issue arrest warrants, not police (otherwise the police would just grant themselves warrants whenever they felt the need).

Alfie Noakes:

Current interpretation of Criminal Code 175 censors all prn, not just the child variety. Stuff does get past the radar for both adult and child prn, though. Personally, I think both should be banned as it can ruin both children and adults lives (not to mention moral issues). As far as consent goes (idea that children can't consent - parent signs off), then why do we have any child actors?

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These people/agencies need to get their act togehter. They don't report when a child needs their help, but they ward office will give out a womans name to a stalker. Retraining needed ASAP.

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Why is the protection of children so weak in Japan? Why is there seemingly so little political will to make changes?

Simple answer, children don't vote, pay taxes, or do anything for the politicians. Look at the track record of just who the LDP and politicians "support" here. Farmers, business, the elderly, working folks, but not children.

Children are the lowest on the totem pole here in terms of support.

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Such a sad story. I would hope that one of the child welfare policy changes would be to make adoption an easier alternative giving these children a loving home and breaking the cycle of abuse.

Of course better oversight of suspected/real abuse needs to be a priority immediately removing these children before the child is further physically and emotionally harmed. Change can only happen with people who care.

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Children are the future of any country & are also most vulnerable part of the society.

If Japanese society are failing to protect their children, then their future is dark.

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I expect GOJ goes nationwide with child welfare agencies to report immediately any misconduct, no matter the gravity of the case, in order to at least expose parents to society and authorities. Shame goes along way in this country, and this will be a step in the right direction.

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