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Former All Black Collins arrested for knife possession in department store


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Is money tight already? Time to scale back the lifestyle, me thinks.

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Collins played for Yamaha Jubilo in Japan’s Top League from 2011

Oh, 2 years in Japan transformed him... so he was walking around in kimono with his katana at the belt, Last Samurai style ? Note to self : don't forget to hide the nunchaku and the shuriken in my hand bag before entering Isetan.

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Oh well, I hope Jerry is OK. He was a great player and im sure there was no malicious intent. Stupid thing to do though.

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This bloke needs to carry a blade "for self-defense" on the mean streets of Tokyo? That's weak. Maybe it's time to head back home if he cant handle the dangers of Tokyo - or take an unarmed self-defense course!

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The department stores in downtown Hamamatsu must be really scary if a big rugby dude has to cary a large knife with him for self-defense. Common, there is something else to this story.

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The guy must be an absolute dummy... half at least ;/

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I did the same thing ("It is illegal to carry weapons with blades longer than 15 centimeters without police permission in Japan"). But maybe a little different. I wanted my old and ugly but high quality kitchen knife professionally sharpened by the knife sharpener who was at location at the supermarket near my house. But I did wrap it in newspaper to carry it there and carried it back home wrapped -- I guess that created no suspicion. Maybe he should have said he was looking for someone to sharpen it for him;/

But that guy's a beast and I'm sure he can fight off at least 5 people my size. And in Japan? Something weird, or perhaps something mental going on. Hope he's fine.

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Good to know. I always carry a hammer for self defense. I figure I'll be fine with the cops so long as I carry a nail with me.

And funny, in the corner of my browser window I see an add for DVOR knives? I suppose for up to 70% off. I'm joining.

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Collins "kept the kitchen knife for self-defense"

Throwing his weight around a bit in Shizuoka is he? Contract is over now, you can go home tough guy and find plenty of fights with people bigger than you too.

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I'm going to start carrying a cricket bat around for self-defence. If the cops stop me I'll get my ball out too and play a bit of lane-way cricket with them. Six and out of course.

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hard to imagine any one in Tokyo that could worry Jerry Collins. The man was a monster, opposition literally wet their pants when they played him.

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Oh, But -- for example -- I heard Japan's arrest rate for hit and runs is one of the best in the world. I mean when they decide to investigate they don't leave a stone unturned. I guess that's what happens when a country is so safe a convenience store robbery makes national news. From the comments on this board it somehow annoys people. Sorry.

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Stupid to think you "NEED" a knife to protect yourself in Japan. I think in all logic everyone should carry a small LED flashlight/torch with them because your odds of being stuck in the dark during an emergency is far higher in earthquake prone Japan than having to deal with self defense requiring a knife.

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Has the law changed recently? I thought the maximum length of a blade was 5.5 cm, not 15 cm, and it should not end in a sharp point. My local dive shop recommend to grind the point off all diving knives, even if it was pretty obvious you were off diving with mask, fins and regulator.

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Maybe he just wanted to be sharpened?

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The guy isn't the smartest. And he's massive (or was). Can't think why he feels the need to defend himself in Japan unless he pissed off some Yaks.

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Apparently he has been threatened/warned in social media by some non-Japanese lowlifes. JC is a a genuine hardman the danger must have been real.

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Diffucult to understand, that 32 year-old big, athletic man needs knife self-defense from small japanesians !?

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Well I am not going to knock a man for carrying a knife for self-defense....if he really needs it.

What I want to know is, what the devil was he doing behind the counter? See, that is what is really suspicious and it puts serious doubt on his belief in his need for self-defense too.

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Well I am not going to knock a man for carrying a knife for self-defense

It's probably best then that you are not involved in any way with enforcing the law.

If you need a knife for self-defence you have done something wrong (probably repeatedly) and should leave.

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A man with a knife is worrisome to say the least...A 6ft 3in man, weighing in at over 200lbs and known to have nicknames such as The Terminator or Manic Hippo with a knife is as good a reason as any to find the nearest exit. A very strange state of affairs though, would like to know the full story behind his self-defence claim.

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Symptoms of concussion injuries?

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try 240 pounds...

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wanderlust, 5.5 cm for double-edged blades, 15 cm for single edge.

But like nishikat above, always better to wrap such things up and not bare them in public view, whatever the length.

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As a New Zealander, I've been watching this story, and I have to say it is disappointing - what the heck(!) was he thinking? That's what we're all wondering. Culture shock and social media threat combo finally tipped him? Interesting that the Japanese police have also requested a 10 day hold extension as well. There's more to this story methinks....

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