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Former exec convicted of bribery in 1st plea deal case in Japan


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Suspended sentence, that never happens in Japan. Just to teach him a lesson, if he's caught again to get a 36-month sentence suspended for six years.

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Suspended sentences and a plea bargain that exempts an indictment. Sweet deal!

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Mitsubishi Hitachi Power avoids indictment via a plea deal to give dirt on executives that received suspended sentences. Put another way, the Japanese courts are responsible for yet another miscarriage of justice.

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Suspended sentence, that never happens in Japan.

It happens all the time. There have been numerous cases, of even violent crimes, where suspended sentences were handed down. It is not uncommon at all.

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Another Japanese corporate criminal escaping jail. Nothing new here. Move along people.

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Look beyond the crime and you'll see that the guy is a hero to his company. I worked for a Japanese co in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indo....we lost three tenders because the Chinese were willing to get their hands more dirty, and I'm not talking just bribery, we're dealing with hacking phones and offices etc.

We spent millions on the tender, the tenders were sealed yet the Chinese would always win with an extremely close margins and including conditions that were mirrored copies of our own (something we only know). It's business as wonder no one trusts Huawei, and no wonder many companies exec in Asia still use non smartphones.

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Sh1mon M4sada

"we lost three tenders because the Chinese were willing to get their hands more dirty"

What was the response when you reported these cases to the WTO, the UN (UNCAC) or the OECD?

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It would seem Japan’s interpretation of a plea bargain is quite different. A plea bargain is to lessen your sentence by dobbing in other parties. These jokers only got a slap on the wrist for a major corporate fraud. Does anybody remember the homeless man that was sentenced to one year in jail for stealing ¥10 from a shrine?

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You can't be serious?

Let me paint a picture for you. You get invited to an art gallery, your competitors too. Honey pots gallore, but then you know that already. Then there's an auction, you know the drill, support the artist/s. The winning (company money) bid not only win the art work, it wins the tender too (later on).

It's the game. To lock someone up for playing the game is not sport, let alone complain to the umpire.

Now IF, you could keep your bid hidden until the envelop is unsealed, it'd make the system much fairer, but it only takes one weak vector.

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Unfortunately, this is how business is done in Thailand. This kind of cripples any Japanese companies doing business there now - they have to abide by a set of rules no one else in Thailand is being forced to abide by.

It does however give the remaining Japanese companies something against which to stand against bribery when it's proposed. Thais will have to understand that they can't ask Japanese companies to bribe them.

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