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Former high-flying chief of Daio Paper jailed for 4 years over casino losses


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Good to hear this. Tip of the ice-burg but a start.

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Simply ludicrous that someone cold steal over $50 million from a publicly-traded company simply by telling the accountants to "give me the money". Governance in Japan is and always will be a joke by international standards.

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This guy gets 4 years and the guys at TEPCO get early retirement and big bonus payments and we all now have to pay higher fees to cover the man-made Fukushima Daiichi disaster. There are criminals and then there are criminals.

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The Japanese Government needs to go after the executives that knew what Ikawa was doing. They need to set an example across corporate Japan saying.... if you know and do nothing then you are guilty too.

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He basically stole company money(embezzlement ), gambled it away, and then gets all of 4 years(country-club jail?) ?

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I am surprised (pleasantly) that the thief goes to jail all. I thought he would slip away with big hansei and a suspended sentence.

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I wonder if he gets a top bunk being a hi flyer or a bottom ?

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As always, Beware the Queen of Hearts

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Moron. Surprised he got jail, but should have been longer.

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