Ghosn's trial likely to begin around March


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May true justice prevail.

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As "early" as March? Which will mean that he basically will not have seen his wife and children for nearly a year, before he walks into a court room?

Talk about "hostage justice" here Mr Prosecutor. I'll bet you can't go a week without seeing your favorite "Ma-ma"!

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Ghosn, once one of the world's most celebrated auto executives, was arrested in Tokyo last November, and faces charges including improperly enriching himself at a cost of $5 million to the automaker. He has denied any wrongdoing.

This does not make sense. "improperly enriching himself at a cost of $5 million"

So what you have written here is that Ghosn has been charged and detained for making $5 Million, (supposedly) illegally off of Nissan?

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This is an embarrassment for Japan's wonky justice system and I fully expect they will double down on their stupidity and sentance Ghosan to a brutally long time just to prove to themselves they were right.

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Ghosn's trial likely to begin around March

Good. I hate long waits.

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And guilty verdict will follow in April, after which the suspended sentence will be decided in May.

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To long over-due, this is a case that Japan is already guilty of violating human rights even if Carlos is found guilty. No foreign executives will save any more Japanese companies in bankruptcies. Carlos case was treated in a very unfair and mean way. Why is the current c.e.o, saikawa not in the same situation yet ???. Is it because he is born japanese , therefore he can do anything ??? nissan have to answer, the japanese govT have to answer, the world is watching, this is no more a japan only case. which is the excuse japanese always give.japan or the world , violating human rights is a crime.

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By March, he'll start being fluent in Japanese.

Which will mean that he basically will not have seen his wife and children for nearly a year, 

He told media he saw a daughter last week. Apparently, he can meet most relatives and friends as much as he wishes...if they to travel to Tokyo and are not part of the case.

Then yes, that's months without contact with the persons that are associates of offshore companies that received questionable funds linked to Nissan/Renault. Well, don't marry with your partner in shady deals or don't involve your wife, son or sister.

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It was supposed to start in September.

May true justice prevail.

The chances of that are near zero. Why are they so afraid of Ghosn contacting his wife?

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