Former Nova teacher pleads guilty to defrauding students in Hawaii bank scam


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Fools and their money are soon parted. And he needs to raise restitution, so I guess he'll be looking for more students.

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Student: OK Rick-sensei, I borrow you $230,000?

Rick-sensei: No, no. It's 'I lend' and 'you borrow'.

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So he was a former NOVA teacher ? So what ?

7 ( +8 / -1 )

I'd say NOVA was a perfect place to hone his scam skills.

10 ( +15 / -5 )

Wow! I just got a great idea for my retirement!!!

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Not cool at all, cashed up students or not. Was the missus aware or even involved in the scam?

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And what's NOVA got to do with this case? Not a fan of NOVA, but really. Right, wouldn't have been a story for here with out the NOVA part.

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Must have thought it fine after Nova not paying any of their teachers

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NOVA is essential to the story because it is where he groomed his victims. Between this and the other American who dumped a woman in the sea last year, the concert promotion business is starting to look pretty shady (not that it ever wasn't).

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If the wife wasn't aware i feel sorry for her, now probably having to raise the child alone.

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Those were some expensive English lessons!

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And most are not bad at what's your point?

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Hahahahaha. It seems like there's a lotta hate for NOVA? Why is that, I wonder?

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Used to work for NOVA, and old NOVA employed anyone and everyone. Most were some decent, fun people looking to experience a new culture. This dude was so stupid! he was much better off putting it in a CD and taking a percentage of the profit. He would be able to have some free, extra, honest cash for his family. What an idiot.

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