Former pro boxer arrested for murder, robbery in Kanagawa


Police arrested former pro-boxer Yuichiro Watanabe, 56, on Monday on suspicion of robbery and homicide after he allegedly forced his way into an elderly couple’s home in Odawara City on Nov 13 and robbed them of around 40,000 yen.

Watanabe, unemployed and of no fixed address, is accused of forcing his way into the home of Eichi Sawada, 82, hitting both him and his wife, and stealing 40,000 yen. Eichi died four days later.

Watanabe has admitted to the allegation, telling police: “I needed money. I chose his house because it was big,” and said he spent the money at a pachinko parlor.

According to the Japan Boxing Commission, Watanabe made his pro-boxing debut in 1974. His record stands at 11 wins and 7 losses from 18 matches, including two losses to Masashi Kudo in matches for the Japan middleweight title.

Police are investigating if Watanabe was involved in another robbery in Odawara City on Nov 11.

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Addict/alcoholic behavior.

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Watanabe has admitted to the allegation, telling police: “I needed money" and said he spent the money at a pachinko parlor.

Idiot took a few too many punches to the head.

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I needed the money.....spent the money at a pachinko parlor

Does this guy know what need is? I cannot believe that someone would rob and kill just to play a machine with a few flashy lights...perhaps im lucky enough not to understand the nature of a gambling addiction, but still...

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this year will be of surprises and increases in crime.he should face th e full riguors of the law

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Former boxer or no boxers lock him up for a while. Does he think he was in the boxing ring, and his bells were ringing all over his brains? Few shock treatments will do him good. Get him first to shrink and after that to court and straight to jail with few kicks on his back side. 'Viva 2009, it is getting bigger in crimes'

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Wow, this year is going to be doozy!

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pachinko is evil

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