Former TEPCO chief questioned on suspicion of negligence


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It would be great if something actually came out of this in the end...( as in holding the past TEPCO managment responsible for their negligence and ignoring safety recommendations while lining their pockets over the years). But realistically won't hold my breath, these guys are too well connected. Gosh, but I really, really wish I could be wrong though...

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suspicion of negligence? really? i thought it was blatantly obvious

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Nothing will come out of this... nothing at all. The guy is there being questioned on a 'voluntary basis', which means they're already patting him on the back for showing up of his own volition. The most mind-boggling and irritating part of this are in two statements:

"But many prosecutors believe it will be difficult to establish any causal relationship between the nuclear disaster and the deaths and injuries among evacuees, Kyodo News said."

Only to a moron would it be difficult -- or else to people with a lot of money and power who deny any wrong doing despite it being there slapping you in the face. Here's one BIG hint that there's a causal relationship: THEY WOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO EVACUATED IF NOT FOR THE NUCLEAR DISASTER!

"They also question whether it was reasonably possible for TEPCO executives to predict the unprecedented scale of the tsunami."

Yeah, and yet in the same article, and what TEPCO has finally admitted over time, is that they knew a tsunami of over 8 meters was entirely possible. What's more, 'unprecedented' is an utter load of garbage. It's happened before, and they were given proof and plenty of warnings, which they threw away and then denied.

This guy won't see prison, and doubtedly even a fine, because he's a criminal protected by criminals with vested interests.

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suspicion? Another funny joke to cheer up our day!

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Well, this is interesting. This guy is going to take one for the team?

I guess the people at the top have decided that this going to be the fall guy.

Although I don't feel completely sorry for the guy, I do realize that he does NOT sign the checks. He's not the one who controls the money needed to take such preventive measures.

The wrong head is about to roll. I guess they figure if they offer up this guys head the people will be appeased one step closer to oblivion.

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A witch hunt. As much as I don't like Tepco, it was the government of Japan which provided the guidelines when the Fujushima plant was built, and the plant was built to those required specifications. If I recall correctly, the government required the seal walls to resist tsunamis of 6 meter or less.

The problem with Tepco and other heavily-regulated insdustries is that making even insignificant changes or improvements requires a large volume of study and paperwork, which must then be submitted to the various bureaucracies involved. A simple decision can be years in the making. In such cases, rather than go to the trouble, it is easier simply to do nothing.

Employees and workers in Japan are not "empowered" to make decisions, a request has to go up the ladder until it eventually reaches the desk of whomever has the authority to approve it. In some cases, no one knows who has the authority, so the decision is simply not made. In the hours following the quake, the workers at the Fukushima plant were more or less paralyzed. Those few who knew what to do had to seek permission to act, and much of that permission didn't come until far too late.

Rather than blaming any one person, the blame should be assigned to the bureaucratic culture which was the root cause.

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Ah, a couple of deep bows and a hollow apology and he will be off to live it up on his big fat pension while half of Fukushima are still living in schools and shacks. No worries!

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Was the picture of him that accompanys this article, chosen to show he is feeling sorry, remorsefull, or just doing a Frank Spencer impersonation.....? "Hmmmm Betty !"

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50 year old tech Earthquake prone area Backup system prone to flooding Prior warnings ignored

Res ipsa loquitor.....

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Ooppppssss I mean SUSPICION... Gomme..

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Too late, too late and all for show. Pathetic.

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They were told in 2002 by a French nuclear expert to move the back up generators onto the roofs of the reactor housings so they could not be swamped by a tsunami, which they ignored. And, strangely enough, this information has been deleted from all news in Japan.

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Oh, and the same person told them to waterproof all their electrical systems, which didn't happen either. Hence, BOOM!!!

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I have been astounded that no one has topped themselves yet over this - to take responsibility as it were. Lacking backbone this lot; not a harikiri amongst them.

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How can we question someone "on a voluntary basis" on "suspicion of negligence" while this has been already confessed by TEPCO?

Either the prosecutor does his job and prosecute or he goes fishing on the seashore. Not need to make a show for the sake of it!

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The following link details what can happen when a government does not regulate its nuclear industry properly. What needs to be investigated and revealed is why and how this came about.

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So what(s the outcome of the investigations... any follow up from JT???????

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