Former 'Terrace House' cast member arrested for marijuana possession


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Here comes another fake, tearful apology. As an actor of course he should be able to pull it off.

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So, the police searched him as he was out at 2am and got lucky...

16 ( +17 / -1 )

The terror and torture never stop!

In this stressful time of corona lockdowns cannabis offers the perfect relaxant and relief to hunker in the bunker, and could be just what the doctor ordered if we lived free in a real democracy where to live in dignity with the consequences of one's lifestyle choices is respected.

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when he was questioned on a street in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward around 2 a.m. the same day

Warm summer night is really good time to walk enjoying the night, was he being stopped in the first place for his residence card just like other people who look foreign in Shibuya?

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Sounds like the popo in Shibuya have a stop and frisk policy? What harm does a little herb do anyways? Alcohol and tobacco are far more harmful.

15 ( +18 / -3 )

Mindblowing that cannabis is still illegal in this day and age.

14 ( +18 / -4 )

Why search his house? It happened on the street.

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Half the people who work at Netflix smoke weed, he won't be getting fired so as long as he keeps working for them, nor will he need to apologize for "inconveniencing" his fans.

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Call out the SWAT Team again, someone may be relaxing at home, like they’re supposed to be.

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Because you live in a Police State, that’s why.

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The entire workforce (including other actors, actresses, models, etc.) who work for the same agency he is with were called into an emergency meeting yesterday and told of this news, just before it was released to the mass media. Many of them were scared before the meeting, fearing that mass redundancies were about to be announced. The whole thing was over the top and absurd, for just a bit of weed. Why is Japan so nuts about this?

7 ( +9 / -2 )

I've lived here for 20 years, never heard of it

internationally known Japanese reality show

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he mis 'toke it for Tobacco ;)

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“Why is Japan so nuts about this?”

Its a control thing, no thought needed.

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Interesting, wondering why did he let the police to go through his belongings without a warrant. Even more surprising is that police here knows what a liquid cannabis is. Furthermore it is not specified if it was a CBD product or a THC product.

Anyway, I would much rather prefer vaping a bit of herbs at my place on a Saturday afternoon to chill than drinking to oblivion and crashing asleep somewhere at the Shibuya crossing as the finest culture dictates in Japan. But the laws are what they are and it's not worth challenging it, as in many other Asian countries for that matter. The potential trouble is very real.

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I am completely anti-drugs, without reservation but these arrests are only made so the prosecutors can get some attention and media exposure. An arrest, bail in 2 or 3 days, show trial with 1 or 2 years suspended sentence and back to start.

What a waste of taxpayers money. In the meantime real crime, among them the theft of my dogs for example, is not even considered seriously by police or lawyers

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Reckless that is awesome. Your white privilege is not helping you here is it? Welcome to the world of minorities.

-4 ( +3 / -7 )

Tell us when and if he commits an actual crime okay because this ain’t it chief.

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Reckless that is awesome. Your white privilege is not helping you here is it? Welcome to the world of minorities.

And you call him "white" when he is ethnically not? Why is that?

3 ( +5 / -2 )

The drug which gets Shion Okamoto arrested could have literally saved Hana Kimura's life. Its only illegal because some people love to give stress to others and even love results. The government needs to get out of our veins and the people that support a waste of time arrest like this need to be brutally ostracized until they learn how to mind their own business.

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Don't they do this kind of stunt when they want media attention away from gov negligence? Already 2 articles today around same topic of drugs. Plus they were very likely tipped off by someone, the key stones couldn't solve a 5x5 crossword puzzle.

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I am against police using their substantial power to stop anyone for no reason. In the US if Shion Okamoto was stopped without probable cause the evidence would be impermissible. However, in this country...

The thing is, J police ask if they can search you. If you say yes (coerced or otherwise) there is no way you're dismissing that evidence. No telling what they'll do if you say no though, so either way you're in trouble if you're carrying anything you shouldn't be.

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Legalize it, Tax the hell out of it, and stop wasting the tax payer money chasing a ghost.

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Reckless: Honkie While Walking

This SOP has become the Norm, now that the "Police" DO have the authority to question you about your "Visa" status. It's happened to me, and no doubt happens all day long, SOMEwhere.

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I've lived here for 20 years, never heard of it

How did you miss it? It was huge on tv here, then Netflix revived it a few years later.

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Perhaps the reason Tsubasa broke up with him?

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