Former Tokio pop group member arrested for riding motorbike while drunk


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Tell them “I was drunk and I don’t remember.”


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This guy really fell from grace. I hope his story has an impact on pop stars' decision making. You can't invite high school girls over to your house while being really drunk, basically try to force sex on them, and expect no consequences, just because you're a pop star. Hopefully parents learned something from that as well.

“I will spend my days taking a hard look at myself and praying that the victim, her family and her friend can someday be at peace and return to their lives before this took place,” said Yamaguchi, the bassist for the popular all-male idol group Tokio, during a hastily arranged news conference at a hotel in Tokyo. - 2018

But honestly, I hope he can get treatment and stop being such a mess, his hard look at himself hasn't seemed to work yet.

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I forgive him .Get him back in the group. The show must go on!

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I don’t know if the fact that I don’t give a d-mn about these “idols” / their groups is clouding my judgement but... I would like to say that I find it very funny that ( whenever some “famous” Japanese person does something “bad” ) these Japanese TV bangumis spend hours(!) talking about it like it’s the armageddon. I know there’s some crazy fans out there and that Japanese TV sure has a long way to go but really... who cares.

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Neither Yamaguchi nor the other driver was harmed in the accident

What's the big news? ...just another DUI, nothing to see here.

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Drunk driver? Toss him in the clink.

Bruh, the guy's band mates quit their production company and made their own company just so he could rejoin them. Then he pulls this stunt. He's really done a number on them as well as himself.

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9:30AM... Must have been quite the breakfast. Also I thought the limit was 0 in Japan so 4X0=0 no?

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My bad the limit is 0.15 mg per 1L of breath.

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Why is this news? The fact that he was/is someone well known means that nothing will happen to him. Bow, apologize and its off with him! Remember, there are 2 different justice systems in Japan? One for the rich and famous (politicians, actors/actresses, musicians, sports people) where they get off without any jail time and then there is the one for everyone else where if we did any of that they get away with......thats it for us. No amount of bowing would get us out of that situation.

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It is a miracle that not many other child celebrities in Japan turn out in the news like this, I really hope this will not become a trend.

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I thought it may just have been the alcohol from the night before, but news say more than 4 times, and there is footage, he was obviously driving erratically. The accident itself was minor, lightly bumped into the car in front.

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He should count his blessings that he didn't hurt anyone while drinking and driving. That should be a wake-up call to him to get his act together and start acting like an adult. Going to a self-help center to get sober and off his dependency on alcohol would be a start.

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If you can't handle a motorcycle properly after a few beers (a rather basic life skill), you shouldn't be riding a motorcycle.

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And the driver in front of him was an off duty cop. Looks like a fender bender. It could have been worse.

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Wife left him.

Blood alcohol level of .75!

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There are many drink and drive/ride cases in Japan, why all the fuss? Media has nothing more important to talk about? Picking up and blowing out of all proportions every tushy incident. So what, he was somebody before now he is a nobody and drink riding, big deal!!! Let him be!!! He is a bum!!!

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More than four times the legal limit! At 9:30 a.m.! Either he started really early or he's finishing up way late. Whichever it is, he is definitely an alkie. Call a cab, man. You got yen for sure. Now you got a DWI too.

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He really did fall from grace if he is living/hanging around in Nerima.

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"Wife left him."

Brooks Slaybaugh Today 03:30 pm JST:

Whose wife has left whom?

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My bad the limit is 0.15 mg per 1L of breath.

Dont be fooled by "limits", the cop on the scene can make the call to detain and arrest you for driving under the influence, even if the BAC is lower than what the on the scene test is.

They can arrest you for "impaired" driving as well.

Best bet, if you drink don't drive. If you have been drinking, a rule of thumb type of way to know if you are free of alcohol, (generally speaking) is allow a minimum of 1 to 2 hours, for EACH drink you consumed, prior to driving.

Meaning start the counting after your last drink. So if you had 8 drinks, over the course of one night, and you last drink was at 12PM, you should, (of course there are case by case scenarios) be free of alcohol by 4PM the following afternoon! Hence why so many drivers here get nailed in the AM after a night out, as they dont allow sufficient time for the alcohol to get out of their system!

Dont play games with the BAC limits.

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Yamaguchi's wife left him. He may have a kid too.

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It's like a domino effect. One mistake and then they all start coming, one after the other.

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I remember Tetsu Yamaguchi who was a great bass guitarist. He was in the legendary band called Free. His generation were the greatest in the 1970’s . Bands now don’t have the same image. Just feel sorry that in this day and age artists get pulled for the wrong reasons .

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Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke. Andy Fraser , Paul Kossoff and Tetsu Yamaguchi . Star line up.

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Dont play games with the BAC limits.

Indeed.   They need to instead be protested bitterly instead.  I once got to read a long list of teachers who lost their jobs that year mostly over next morning BAC levels.  I think only one of them had an actual accident at all and it was minor.

a breathalyzer test revealed an alcohol content more than four times the legal limit

With all the number games that go on cannot even be bothered trying to figure out exactly what that means. It does sound like he was plastered and I am against that. But zero tolerance is for fools that pave the road to Hell with their good intentions.

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