Former top bureaucrat indicted for murdering son


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This has 'suspended sentence' written all over it.........this dude and the other 'elite' who mowed down a mother and her little kid in Higashi Ikebukuro won't see any time inside.This is Japan and the higher-ups protect their own.

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The prosecution establishment are setting this up for a suspended sentence. Just as Spitfire says.

Lets be clear about this, its a simple case of cold-blooded murder. If you have concerns over your sons mental state, you go to the right people. You don't stab him in the neck multiple times.

The establishment media here are a disgrace. As soon as this story broke they were trying to compare the murdered son to a child attacker. Even this post is describing the murderer father as a graduate of Todai-this, former government minister-that. He is a murderer.

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You are spot on.

Pure cold-blooded murder and opportunist at that coming only a few days after another hikkommori killed a young girl and a young father.

Seems like this 'elite' wanted to dispose of his problem son ASAP.

Wonder if his son was a problem because daddy was out living it large.

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Correct Spitfire. This successful career father could not accept his sons lifestyle and lost it.

But the truth of the matter is that us parents are responsible for how our children pan out.

The son possibly ended up like he did no thanks to his fathers career.

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I used to live next to a dysfunctional family in London. Mother and 4 children, 2 boys. The boys were wild, fighting strangers in the streets, and all kinds of antisocial behaviour. The police would give them a warning (they were still teenagers). The social workers did nothing. The mother was at her wits end, she used to say they will kill someone one day and they did. All I'm saying is, when all the signs are there is no agency to turn to for help.

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The prosecution establishment are setting this up for a suspended sentence.

As he's been charged with murder, that seems unlikely. If found guilty, the sentence would have to be less than three years for a suspended sentence to be possible.

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This dude won't see inside a cell.

Mark my words.

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Mark my words.

Marked. :-)

I'm going for 7 years, paroled after 2-3 years.

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Lamilly I get your point. But that mother did not stab her sons in the neck. And she would not be expected to either.

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@TigersTokyoDome I'm not for one minute advocating killing anyone. All I'm saying if all the signs are there, what to do? In Japan they can't seem to protect an innocent baby from abusive parents, how will they protect society from a real psycho? In the London case an innocent person lost their life and every one saw it coming but there was nothing in place to prevent it.

I don't know the answer.

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I do not know him but for a man his age, it is his family business. No father kills his son for nothing.

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Scary when people start going all Minority Report-like.

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