Four men arrested for robbery committed last year


Four men have been arrested for robbing a house in Machida, Tokyo, last year.

According to police, the four men are accused of breaking into the home of a 70-year-old woman in April of last year and tying her arms and legs with rope, before stealing 3.2 million yen in cash, Fuji TV reported.

Police say the men were identified by DNA evidence found on face masks left at the scene of the crime. After apprehending the men, police say further evidence was obtained by searching their cell phone records. The four men have confessed to the robbery, Fuji reported.

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Finally!!!!! Some real police work and stupid criminals.

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Close to home this one good to hear the cops caught them.

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They had some connection with the lady to know she had 3.2 mil lying around. Glad they got the guys.

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Al: Most people here have a lot of cash at home. i do too. i ride my bike to Machida. nice small city.

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why would u keep cash at home?? there are banks for that..

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Congratulations to the cops. Solid detective work, nice physical evidence. Doubtless MUCH harder work than the normal lazy, "Confess!" routine. I'd love to see more solid police work like this. ... .. . Sadly I can't help but harbor doubts about this case given the recent scandals about prosecutors faking evidence, and the slap on the wrist that the prosecutors received. It's sad that the justice system didn't administer a more harsh penalty and clear the lingering doubts.

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It would be nice to a couple of million yen just lying around the house!! Idiots!!!

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