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Four more arrested over Y1.8 bil bank heist using ATMs


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But the four are mere rank-and-file members of the coordinated crime group, and have not been able to provide significant clues to advance the investigation, he added.

Translation; the underlings were fed to the police to keep the bosses out of trouble. The police will get no further information from these suspects and the investigation will have to look elsewhere in an attempt to find the leader(s) of this crime.

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.. including a member of a group affiliated with the country’s biggest organised crime syndicate

So much for the notion suggested when news of the heist first broke that this was likely to have been wholly orchestrated by a foreign (Chinese) crime syndicate.

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I have personally heard the Japanese police blame crime on the Chinese.Without facts this is a pernicious assertion.Meanwhile, 2 minutes from my office is an affiliated Yamaguchi Gumi office, full of criminals-strange indeed!

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Meanwhile, 2 minutes from my office is an affiliated Yamaguchi Gumi office, full of criminals-strange indeed!

Which just goes to show that you really don't know what you are talking about.

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Japanese gangsters are responsible for the crime. Assets equal in value to the amount stolen should be seized from Yamaguchi gumi. If Yamaguchi gumi can prove they acquired the assets legally they can be returned.

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Police are stupid, they obviously purchased the info over the internet and cloned up the cards. Because it's the Yakuza nothing is going to come of any of this.

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Just lock all the Yak's up... how is organized crime legal in Japan?

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...$19MILLION? Just for reference that would make this one of the top 10 valued heists... In the world.. Ever!

Carry along though, no need to worry about the legal organized crime. Hueheuegu

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All Japanese?

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The picture shows Standard Chartered bank which now has nothing to do with Standard bank of South Africa.

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Standard Bank acknowledged it was a victim of the crime and put its losses at around $19 million.

However the value of ¥1.18 billion is only $17.79 million. They were "a" victim or they were "the" victim.

Going cashless is the way to go? China seems to be already there. A model communist country. Japan slogging along.

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Going cashless is the way to go? yeah if you want the government to track you ,everything you purchase, when & where you purchase and how much for.

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