France promises Chilean will be put on trial over missing Japanese student

By Martin Bernetti

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Investigators are convinced she was killed by Zepeda in a jealous rage.

Anyway, we wish actual criminal must not go unpunished.

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Losing a child beautiful or not is the same pain. Now, not being able to do a proper funeral.. it's even worst. Likely, they'll never find her body... without it, it's going to be hard to put that guy in jail.

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Why can't people just accept it when there's a split and just walk away and find happiness with someone new.

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Not enough info here. Buying 5 liters of Kerosene (this mysterious flammable liquid) in December is possible. Buying 5 one liter bottles of BBQ fluid in December is suspicious.

So sad. She was a beautiful girl.

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Seems awful likely that he did it but you never know.

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