French court again delays Chilean's appeal over murder of Japanese student

By Damien STROKA

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It's French juridiction with French law, Japan need to respect that. Like many countries that respecting twisted Japanese hostage justice system in Japan juridiction.

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Disgusting from this murderer, but not surprising. May he rot in jail.

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No doubt he is gaining some perverted pleasure from the pain and distress he is inflicting on his victims family by his game playing and manipulation of the system.

Perhaps the judge should have refused the request on the grounds that the defendant had chosen to change his lawyers at the last moment and must accept the consequences of his actions.

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""I want a real trial," the 32-year-old defendant told the jury at the time.""

He is playing the the appeal game hopping to find a gap in the law, or buy a witness.

Feel so sorry for the victims family, with no body to burry, and a killer trying to evade the law.

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Is he still in jail?

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For the sake of closure, it would be nice if the victim's family could at least recover the girl's remains for a proper ceremony.

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So the previous lawyer is a liar, and Zepeda is an angel.

If he keeps repeating that, never to be guilty.

France laws are overprotecting the culprits at a level of magnitude one can't imagine.

If caught even if all evidence is against you, say "I did not do it". And wait for the law mistake...

The family's victim has been suffering for years, no one gives a dam... s.... about it.

Coming to France from Japan "empty handed" of any news or progress is a beathtaking arrogance from the system.

In France, acting in bad faith is seen as normal. It is killing the victims' twice in all trials, from the simple to the hardest one like this one.

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Sorry breathtaking arrogance...

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We all don't know who's at fault. And the Japanese woman is missing. No proof.

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If you were aware of the case, there are pieces of evidence everywhere, no just clues.

If I burn you to ash with no witness, will you accept the absence of the need of my trial ?

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The real point of the delay seems reasonable. It takes more than 24 hours to study 8,000, pages of document. In Japan it can take years for minor cases to come to court (if the defendant does not confess). Japan likes to be thorough. So do the French.

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How he was convicted is still a mystery because all the evidence against him were circumstantial. In the US he would have walked free because no jury would have convicted him beyond reasonable doubt! No body, no murder weapon, no clear eyewitness. We all can feel he killed her but there isn’t any clear evidence that would prove beyond reasonable doubt. Delay in this might be a blessing in disguise because he can stay longer in prison because imagine if he wins the appeal and walks free! So just I feel the longer the delay the better because he is serving time in prison in the meantime.

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