French home of ex-Nissan chief Ghosn searched in Versailles marriage probe: prosecutors

By Kazuhiro Nogi

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And his personal birthday party held at the same palace in 2014 disguised as 15th Anniversary of Nissan-Renault alliance without inviting any Japanese executives related to the alliance from Nissan.

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I think they should just drop this case! It is a waste of money, time, and a great lack of evidence to have a strong case to build anything. There are more serious crimes to focus on at the moment.

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Ok they-the gov broke the law as that's trespassing. French are muppets to the Saikawa and nationalist shareholders regime

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The walls are closing in on the Ghosn Dynasty. Amazes me how the majority of readers here are so easy to say dismiss all charges or Ghosn is innocent. As more of these stories come out, it becomes increasingly apparent how shady this guy really is.

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He is suspected of hiring the entire Palace of Versailles outside Paris in October 2016 to celebrate his marriage, a benefit estimated as being worth 50,000 euros ($56,000), in exchange for a philanthropy deal between the state-owned property and Renault.

What's the problem? That's how business is done.

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He hasn't been found guilty of anything because we don't have a trial yet to know what all the evidence is. Seems massively silly for people to call for charges to be dropped or the guy is innocent. The stories do not paint a picture of innocence. But we'll find that out when the trial begins.

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Nobody? Look above. And in other articles, I've read similar comments. He's not a rapist in Japan, so charges won't be dropped.

Time to come back down from dreamland and realize that we have the court of public opinion, too. Don't want to acknowledge that, cool, but it doesn't negate its existence. The guy was billing Nissan to keep up his lifestyle and not have to pay out of his own pocket at any chance he got.

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In my eyes, he had too much power at Nissan, and I will give a good share of the blame to the enablers at Nissan who let it happen and looked the other way.

But I will say that where there is smoke, there is fire. Between billing Nissan (or one of the endless subsidiaries, shell companies, etc) for various personal parties/expenses/apartments, the paper companies headed by his wife and son (and the monies sent between them and Nissan affiliates), and my personal fave..."borrowing" money to cover losses on his own personal financial accounts. Classic.

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Reach around to find something anything. Didn't the secret report give enough evidence? They're still searching over a year later. What's going on?

Due diligence? Nissan who's current chairman signed all the papers, secret reports, prosecutors, can't see wife alone?

its really not looking professional at all.

Justice really is blind in Japan.

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You would have to be a supreme optimist to think that Mr Ghosn is going to get out of this mess scot-free. There is so much against him and not much in his favour it seems.

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Now, when Carlos was making deals for Renault & Nissan , nobody was making any noise abt anything. I truly want to know , how many people from Renault and how many people from Nissan attended his wedding ???.Name-list of all people at both companies,please. A wedding of any business-man of his status is always paid by those involved , who kindly make the offers when the calibre of Carlos level is involved. In Japan , this comes in a form of wedding gifts in cash or gift packages, In China, it comes in a form of red packets, car ,houses, sailing boats and etc etc esp for people of a certain calibre. Should we investigate all, those gift givers or venues of the wedding even before any kind of weddings, that is important. ???. Try investigate trump's wedding. Why not ???.

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Astonishing how, in the case of Ghuson jurisprudence is being I acted: detain the man his crimes will be perused, the precept of innocence until guilt is proven appears to have no place in this sinister quest. The rat like Frenzy of the French to establish the culpability of Ghuson betrays cullusion with their counterparts in Japan who appear to Have hit a brickwall in their quest. Flimzy petty accusations against a man who turned the fortunes of both companies from billions in operating losses to billions in opperating income. The facts point to a conspiracy to oust and humiliate a visionary of the industry for being racially different yet stole the lime light from two highly bigoted cultures - the French and the Japanese. The latter notoriously plagued with megalomania that is adorned with a fake bowing gesture of humility. No wonder the French opted Japan for the arrest where the practice of the law is anomalous and selective. In France the abusive behavior of the Japanese prosecutor would never be tolerated.

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This is a case where the evidence is flimzy and the conduct of the Japanese prosecutor is lawless. Frsnce is an accomplice in this lawless act but opted for the arrest of its citizen in Japan's convoluted legal system because they had nothing on Ghuson that is prosecutable. Flimzy accusations of a wedding at the V. Palace at a cost of US$50 k is laughable considering the performance of Ghuson at both Renault and Nissan.

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Ghosn is a thieve. and he has to pay for his crimes.

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Considering that Nissan is a rightly respected company is Japan, and has thrive for the good of his share holder, stake holders, and the general public. I am sure Carlos Ghosn big crime is to forget that he has, among other things and just like everyone of us, the social responsibility to protect the assets he was entrusted to: Nissan. It is obvious he was trying to sell Nissan to Renault, WTF ? and what a nasty thing to do.

Regretfully an ingrained idea in western civilization is that the 'strong takes over the weak', but that does not mean it is right.

I am almost sure the Japanese law will crush him, legally, and I really hope he learns a good lesson.

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