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Friends eyed in Japanese man's death in Chile


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With friends like that...

Yes. Obviously this guy was (typically Japanese) up to his you-know-what in "business."

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If this isn't a "hit" then I don't know what is. Made someone unhappy. And their leaving the watch and money there is a message to someone else maybe.

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Stereofreak: I agree. Out of all the countries in Sth America, Chile is either the safest or at least the 2nd safest country there. I didn't know that many Japanese tourists go there though? Most of the Japanese people that I know that go to Sth America go to Peru, Brazil or Argentina. Either way it really seems that this guy got involved with the wrong people and the same can happen anywhere in the world.

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Kasuiko Mitsogushi after they found bottles of beer and full glasses at his closed bar

What were they expecting to find in a closed bar? Uneaten icecreams? Definitely seems like this jiji made a deal with the devil, renigged on it and paid the penalty.

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This is not a petty crime, it sounds more like a mafia-related incident. I live in Chile, and crimes like these are extremely rare - and if they did, they would have definitely taken the rolex!

The only result from this is that the ensuing media blowup will just give Japanese tourists another unjustified reason to be scared of my otherwise very peaceful country. Shame. I can sense the tour cancellations as we speak.

BTW, La Cuarta is hands down one of the worst sources the journalist could have picked. It's mostly a tabloid, of platitudes resembling "The Sun" or "News of the World."

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