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FSA to probe megabanks after gang loan scandal


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Will Mizuho be delisted from the TSE? Other banks? Guess not. Slap on the wrist, a small fine and a promise to never do it again (read not getting caught again.) Abe has too much to loose if this escalate too much.

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this is time to realize , stop hate out side. inside cleaning is batter for peace full country. ., japanses society have a lot of batter values in daily life that other countries have i only books.

wish some one realize and save this country

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Can they also investigate the trail of public funds from Government to TEPCO to Construction companies to Yakuza? Each layer takes a cut but the biggest profits go to organized crime, but "it's under control". Taxpayers financing crime in Japan, same as it ever was.

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Like someone posted, if the yaks default loan payment, will the bank send someone to collect?

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How about stopping "mega banks"

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They are all at it. Wait till they start looking at the Regional Banks......

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I wonder how Megabanks have conversations with regulatory authorities, depictions in Hanzawa Naoki aside, does it go like, "Look Mister investigator, we happen to be really good friends with your political masters, if you try to probe us any further, it will be your arse that will be probed."

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There seems to be a permissible ambiance in Japan that by bowing or resigning you are not held responsible. Stop hanging out with the gangsters.

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so everybody is going after the banks, while the yaks open another bottle of champagne are print more name cards.

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Maybe the FSA could call in Michael Woodford (Olympus) he has some track record and exposing what lies hidden in the shadows.

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It is beyond time that a bow and saying sorry then just moving to a different position in stead of prison will no longer do.

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Don't be surprised Mizuho executives has been customers of Yakuza;s illegal gambling arena. yakuza organizations are legal in Japan. They even have KANBAN signboard in front of their offices. ...... Honbu (headquarter) just like any organization headquarters. It goofed on lending money to Olympus, too. The authority should check who gave HOSHO-SHA (loan payment warranty signee) and repayment plan, etc. After all, banks are operated for honest depositors. It will go downhill. Mitsui-Sumitomo and Mitsubishi loan mainly to respectable business. Olympus goofed to use Mizuho but maybe it was rejected by Mtsubishi or Mitsui?

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