Fukuoka Pref to aid gangsters seeking to leave crime syndicates


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So you're an ex-yakuza with little skill other than lying, scamming, and intimidation. Where best could those skills be used. Sounds like a Politician to me... run for office boy.

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This is a great purpose and it will serve the society better than outlawing the Yakuza outright. First you take away those who are either tired of being the glorified scum or doing what ancestors would never be proud of. You reeducate them, provide them with minimal starting social security, and let them feel the importance of being a part of decent society. Then, you outlaw the radical and hardcore criminals, raging war on streets against those deeply corrupted(see Philippines for the reference). That phase 2 would not happen ever, but we can think about it after the phase 1 succeeds.

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"The Fukuoka prefectural government will pay transportation and accommodation fees for gangsters seeking to leave organized crime groups" cool, throw in some food stamps too.

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This is actually a very pragmatic move. The cynics are just gunna be cynics, but if there is even a thin lifeline to grab at they will be doing society a huge favour by  attempting to mend their ways. Often these ex hardman can turn into great counsellors and mentors of troubled youth. Nice story and good luck!

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If the government is buying them transportation passes or subsidizing their housing, then it might be okay. But if you're handing cash to gangsters, and trusting them to do what's right with it, good luck with that.

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@Ricky - I agree. Many people just seem to see the negative in everything these days. Hope this plan is successful.

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Otherwise, at their next meeting, the boss might say "Hey, we're a little short of our goal this month. You guys go down to City Hall and tell them you want to get out".

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Good point. How would anybody know otherwise?

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Michael Jackson and maybeperhapsyes

Where does it say they are 'handing cash?' As far as I can tell, it is paying housing and transport costs. You don't need cash for that.

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So just like some high school teachers that have the "responsibility" to find their students a job or perhaps entrance to a University, it's the government's "responsibility" to help finance these fools to escape the life they chose? How about NO, and just these people try to be independent? Quit crying, go out, get a job and pay some taxes instead of wasting mine!

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How about NO, and just these people try to be independent?

Sounds like a good way to guarantee they remain dangerous gangsters forever.

Quit crying, go out, get a job and pay some taxes instead of wasting mine!

Of course! They just need to snap their fingers and make that happen for themselves. It's not like they'll be targets of revenge from powerful crime syndicates. And anybody in their right mind would jump at the chance to hire an ex-yak, right?

Don't you think 'weakening syndicates' is an admirable goal?

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Michael Jackson and maybeperhapsyes

Where does it say they are 'handing cash?'

Apparently you didn't read the first sentence of my post

If the government is buying them transportation passes or subsidizing their housing, then it might be okay.

Because the article doesn't state how they will do it.

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Why did men become Yakuza members? In the beginning men from poor families turned to crime or were Koreans unable to find employment. They were imprisoned for their crimes and a number tattooed across their foreheads so on release everyone would know they were in prison and again return to crime because of no employment.

The chain needs to be broken but it will take more than just banning the gangster which will just drive them underground.

Members would leave and lack a finger to snap can have a prosthesis fitted. Another aid to increase their return to society.

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This is a good idea. Somwhere in our lives we make a right or wrong turn. It's as easy as that to take the latter direction.

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Some of these guys run the SE Asians in the USA and supply them(from Cali , to Wisconsin, Philadelphia, and NYC) , then use them for street level. They also are doing carding and other cyber crime . They are getting much smarter and abandoning all that corny Japanese cultural crap that doesnt ACTUALLY work outside of Japan. They are appearing here in larger numbers blending in with the other Asians.

The yakuza are a franchise. You pay your association dues to borrow the power and menace of the group — fear makes people pay you. But if you can’t use the name or the symbol, why even stay? It’s like running a McDonald’s without being able to use the golden arches. Better to cut expenses and leave.

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Michael Jackson

Yeah, you're right. I misunderstood. Sorry about it.

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So, the local government is going to help them get out of the syndicate? Are they going to help the government disband the syndicates in return?

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Give them a job.

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Looks like more loyal gang activity might be re-charged with a bounty of new assignments.


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Maybe some of them could work for the cops... then again, maybe not.

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I hear some casino jobs may be opening up.

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This is fantastic strategy. I think this will be a huge success here. I am in Kyushu and now in Fukuoka and have lived in Nogata, Kokura, Yahata, Tagawa, Kanda Machi. I can think of some Japanese members that would love to stop hunting down the Pachinko dead beats for the vig and do something positive if given the chance. Some of these guys are desperate to get themselves and their kids and wives out of harms way. This is good thing and some here are being very cynical about this idea. Some of these guys were pressured in to the Kudo-kai from a young age. Mixed with lack of education enticed by the cars the suites the money the drugs the drink.

This is not Tokyo. Where the bigger groups are making some bank and less likely to give that lifestyle up. The only ones making money here are the bosses and sub-bosses. Take the work force away and get rid of the Korean funding (Pachinko). Kudo-kai is toast here. I hope they come in droves, because Kitakyushu is loaded with Kudo-kai. Keep the finger. Get protection. Get compensated for relocation. Yeah this is a good thing.

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