Fukushima couple stabbed to death in home


Police in Fukushima said Friday they have arrested an unemployed 45-year-old man in connection with the murders of a couple who were found murdered at their home on Thursday.

Police said the suspect, identified as Akihito Yokokura, allegedly stabbed to death 55-year-old Nobuhiro Endo and his wife 56-year-old Yukiyo Endo at their home in Aizumisato. Their bodies were found at around 6 a.m. on Thursday by family members, TBS reported. A blood-stained knife, that police believe to be the murder weapon, was also discovered nearby.

Police said that an eyewitness reported seeing a man running from the area at around the time police estimate the murder took place.

Yokokura, who has no fixed abode, was taken into custody on Friday morning. He had on him a bank ATM card belonging to the Endos, police were quoted as saying by TBS. Police say he had been living in his car.

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That card is pretty strong evidence. Glad they caught the jerk. As if Fukushima doesnt have enough problems up there. RIP to the Endos

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unemployed 45-year-old man

Why the need to specify profession when reporting crime-related news?

suspect, identified as Akihito Yokokura

Why name suspects in the news if they're just suspects?

I see this kind of behavior all over the media, it's deplorable.

That card is pretty strong evidence.

He could be a friend of the couple.

There's a reason why running around burning people at the stake is no longer fashion, it's illegal: people have the right to a fair trial, some level of privacy and should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Of course "fair trial", "privacy" and "presumed innocent" have different meanings from country to country.

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In Japan you're guilty until proven innocent. Thats the way it is here. Live with it.

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Telling profession can sometimes imply motive, the guy is not working and living in a darn car, he is desperate for money, why else would he have someone elses ATM card. How many situation do you know where you are possessing someone elses ATM card... ah maybe 2% chance...

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Why the need to specify profession when reporting crime-related news?

Suspects are named in countries all over the world. It's partly to protect them.

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And the couple were "found dead", not "murdered". It's an important legal difference. No-one can say "murdered" until the case has come to court and a verdict reached. That's what courts are for.

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Quoted the wrong comment. Sorry.

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@Vesperto Depends on how you look at it and take it.. Could be helpful tips, could be nothing. Unemployed man living in his car could possibly explain his motive for stealing and killing. It can also put people on alert in their neighborhoods. Nothing wrong with reporting that. Especially if you have kids going to school in that area.

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Generally they don't name Police who commit a crime! Although there seems no standard just hit and miss, maybe it depends on the Luna cycle or their birth sign, that might make more sense, .could be the blood type involved?

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As if Fukushima doesnt have enough problems up there.

Could be related. If the guy lost job and house due to the disaster(s), and he's been living in his car since then, that could have affected his mental health. I'm not surprise that more people turn crazy (than average) in that region.

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Jesus! When crime goes rampant in Japan you will know the appointed time is near.

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Lots of people evacuated from Naraha-machi near the Dai Ichi nuclear power plant live near Aizumisato in temporary housing. Many do not have jobs and are drunks. I wonder ......

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So many stabbings lately..hmhmhmm...

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