Further arrests made over Y600 million robbery


Police on Thursday announced they have made further arrests over Japan's biggest-ever cash robbery that took place at a security company office in Tokyo's Tachikawa area on May 12.

According to TV Asahi, Koichi Yagisawa, 49, from Hachioji, has been arrested for acting as an accomplice. Police say Yagisawa fed information to 42-year-old Takashi Kurihara, who is already under arrest.

Police said that Yagisawa was able to provide Kurihara with detailed information about the company's work shifts and when the security would be at its most lax. Police believe Yagisawa had an informant within the company from whom he received the information and said they expect to make further arrests, TV Asahi reported.

Police said 18 suspects have been charged over the robbery. Police said the robbery was masterminded by a former gangster Hideto Ozawa.

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Make a movie. Sounds like a cool robbery. Surprised the guys got caught.

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They watch hollywood movies too much.

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Jails are full of criminal geniuses.

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stupid robbery ..............

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Last line reads refers to Hideto Ozawa as a former gangster, looks like he came out of retirement for this hoist

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stupid robbers i would have been overseas with all that loot. Stupid robbers

Stupid stupid people for staying in japan

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what was their plan ? Stay in Japan and by expensive cars and daiwa houses everywhere ? IDIOTS ????

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Looks to me they arrested another fall guy, but the still don´t have the money, and won´t get it either.

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Keisatsu, new motto: "We get our man."

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haha 60 mil is alot of money

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stupid robbers i would have been overseas with all that loot. Stupid robbers. Stupid stupid people for staying in japan

yeah, try and take 60mil with you on a plane. Cash money can get you a long way in JP.

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