Gang leader arrested over August shooting in Kobe


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Terrible to see Japanese killing each other even if they are gang members...

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Many of the Yakuza are Korean and not Japanese nationals or around 60 percent come from Burakumin

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Worked for Nisay” Korean mobsters in Shin-Koiwa before @ a nightclub, not surprised.

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A senior member of a splinter group

All this talk about "splinter" this and "Splinter" that makes me think of the Ninja Turtles because the police need to find out what is the root cause of this budding feud and handle it before it becomes out of hand and these gangs start making it public, thus injuring innocent victims.

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Police are on high alert as the feud between Yamaguchi-gumi and the splinter group, Kobe-yamaguchi-gumi, appears to be escalating.

How about this? Invite both groups, their entire groups to a dinner together. Somewhere with a lot of room to move around. Maybe an abandoned zoo in Hokkaido. Offer them a big buffet and all they can drink. Let them bring their guns or boyfriends or whatever. Lock them in the place, let the good times roll.

Hopefully there would be no survivors.

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