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Germany arrests 2 Japanese, 1 American for selling drugs online


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OMG Japanese are involved in drug trafficking......(bubble bursts)

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Japanese citizens involved in

prohibited drug sales?

Surely, some mistake?

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In a statement Friday, prosecutors said the suspects were part of a gang that sold cocaine, cannabis and Ecstasy on darknet websites, which aren't visible without special software.

It's not special software. It's a browser (TOR) which you can download the same as Chrome, or Firefox.

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Agreed with the Sentinent here that the perception is that Japanese can do no wrong... until found out.

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Now you shall see how the Japanese Government will get involved by saying they were led into this, are innocent and should be released immediately. Money talks and they will be back in Japan in no time...Cheers.

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Maybe they were drunk and don't remember anything.

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Name the gang, yak's?

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