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Ghosn's Japan lawyer quits after client's flight to Lebanon


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I wonder if the prosecution service are planning to arrest Junichiro Hironaka on suspicion of aiding and (or) betting, being instrumental CG to escape, in the UK its could be classed as perverting the course of justice.

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came across this on youtube: very interesting interview with Jeffrey Sonnenfeld. its only around 8 minutes but its a very interesting watch and Jeffrey makes some excellent points...


Jeffrey Sonnenfeld (born April 1954) is an academic, Lester Crown Professor in the Practice of Management at Yale School of Management, and Senior Associate Dean for Leadership Studies. Sonnenfeld is the founder of Chief Executive Leadership Institute (CELI), a non-profit educational and research institute focused on CEO leadership and corporate governance.


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Sounds like Ghosn is in the right! And the J-gov put the pressure on these lawyers. Prosecutors probably threatened to charge them with aiding and abetting if they didn't quit.

No representation in Japan then Ghosn will have no voice, and the J-prosecutors will try to prosecute him with the media in the eyes of the J-public while fabricating evidence again!

J-prosecutors are bitter and criminal!

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But he accounted for the 0.01% of acquittals ! So now it's back to 100% GUILTY.

What a bizarre system, do people know that lawyers are representatives not parents or guardians. Well anyway that RAZOR is as blunt as as butter knife now. Saw a clown in the park the other day guessing he might be as useful as a defence lawyer in the Japanese system of justice!

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Well, with Ghosn gone and never to return this guy is out of a job anyway.

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I wonder if Ghosn will still pay him something for helping him, as a courtesy at least.

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Ghosn understood that his Japanese lawyer is not trustful.

the best lawyer is Ghosn himself, well done!

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No surprise there.

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Hironaka said in a statement that the entire team working on the case at his office will quit but did not outline reasons.

Duh! There's no one to defend anymore!

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no surprise here, they guys lost face, and in this case who wouldn't.

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Meanwhile Lebanese authorities are waiting for Japan to supply the evidence against him, IIRC less than 27 days to go...

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papigiulioToday  05:36 pm JST

I wonder if Ghosn will still pay him something for helping him, as a courtesy at least.

in Japan , there is always initial fee from 5% of the total claimed, he already fulled his pocket, do not worry...

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He can't quit, as there is no one to tender his resignation to, he was simply abandoned, which I guess is a whole lot worse than being fired - perhaps, because he was totally useless ?

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Its not outside directors (board members with no connection to the company) thats the problem, its the way the board is individualized. Make it more like a Swiss council or cabinet and it would function better with less intrigue and backstabbing as it's collectively responsible for all decision making. The equivalent of an outside director for a country leader would be someone not a citizen and has never served in that country.  No country has outside directors and many function just fine...and democratically.

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And c-suite management.

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Japanese prosecutors have said repeatedly they are confident they have a case, and Ghosn's flight underlines how he sought to skirt the law.

If the prosecutors are so confident, why did they not bring a case to court for the 14 months they had Ghosn detained?

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Mr Hironaka is a good man and his team are good lawyers. He lost hope with the japanese system. I am sure many good japanese lost hope with japan but who can blame good japanese people ???. Good brains have better countries to spend their time and money. Why waste time with poor minded , low principles japanese ???. who has time to waste ???only people with no heart , brains and full of just wagamama. the rest of us, we have no such luxury for wagamama. pls make money or make yr bankrupt companies into black profitable by yrselves. Mr Hironaka is correct, what can u do with a system that says , we can do anything because we are japanese ???. No sane human beings will support a system that the world human rights are fighting completely with. Mr Hironaka is Japanese. If he gave up hope with his records, soon many good Japanese will give up hope in and for japan.

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if he did not quit he would be blacklisted and never work again that is the Japanese system

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If the prosecutors are so confident, why did they not bring a case to court for the 14 months they had Ghosn detained?

Well, how long do you think preparing a case of corporate fraud involving a large global company with offices in multiple jurisdictions should take? It took US prosecutors over 18 months from the date of indictment to bring Enron executives to trial, and that was a fairly straightforward case with all relevant documents and witnesses based in the US. If you put an arbitrary 8 or 12 month limit on bringing cases like this to trial, executives will just build ever more complex corporate structures to run out the clock and shield themselves from the law.

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This will just be swept under the rug and quietly go away.

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If the prosecutors are so confident, why did they not bring a case to court for the 14 months they had Ghosn detained?

What a load of malarkey! If they had such a strong case against him, why was he interrogated daily without a lawyer present and constantly threatened with his treatment becoming worse if he didn't confess?

I guess we will never know just how much evidence these jokers had. Ghosn is gone and these jokers can just cry in their teacups.

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He would have faced a fair trial for the first time in his life. So he escapes. The system is made to find the truth and is not unfair. This is what he understood. He knew of the breaking attempt on french justice system created by the same man who finalise japan one. So he knew, truth would be found. His french lawyer was a justice balance one, he had no chance to go out without telling the truth.

He has no shame to lie and manipulate people. He is starting to realize he trade one prison for an other. Japan was actually luxury suit.

Let's say "God hate him" and want him to pay for his sins. So the question is : 'which prison ?'.



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Aaaaaaaah. Looks like a win for Ghosn and a big lose for Japan. Justice is served.

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The case died the day Mr. Ghosn found an exit route out of Japan.

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