Girl arrested for robbing taxi driver in Iwate town


A 19-year-old girl has been arrested for robbing a taxi driver in Shiwa, Iwate Prefecture, police said Monday.

According to TV Asahi, the suspect -- who cannot be named because she is a minor -- has no job and no permanent address. She allegedly threatened the 60-year-old taxi driver with a knife and demanded money on the evening of Nov 27. Police said she got away with a little over 20,000 yen, but left the wig she was wearing in the taxi.

Police believe the girl may also be implicated in the theft of several 10,000 yen bills at a Morioka City shopping center that took place on Saturday, TV Asahi reported. The girl has admitted to stealing from the taxi driver, but police say her motive for the crime is unclear.

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If she had any brains, she would have may said, something like look ojiichan, I have no $$$ but I can offer to pay with my young beautiful hot little 19 year body, right??

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"police say her motive for the crime is unclear" is this serious ? Wasn't her motive to get money ? Or do they need to know what she wanted to do with the money ?

Either way, unusual story. Not to stereotype but most people probably wouldn't suspect a girl to be a robber

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No permanent address? Homeless?

Also, wouldn't it have been clearer if it said she stole XX,XXX yen instead of "theft of several 10,000 yen bills at..."

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@Gurukun "No permanent address? Homeless?" Not necessarily. There are people who go around friends' places, internet cafe, capsule hotels etc.

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most people probably wouldn't suspect a girl to be a robber

Hide, good point. I also thought the same thing. I wonder if the word "Robber" should be printed as "Robbette" for female stealers.

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Police believe the girl may also be implicated in the theft of several 10,000 yen bills at a Morioka City shopping center

several 10,000 yen bills = six or seven digits (?)

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police say her motive for the crime is unclear

Call me naive, but I'd say being jobless and homeless is probably her motive.

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@Elbuda Mexicano

What a stupid and ignorant statement to make!


I agree. I think her motive is to be a transient. She could probably easily find a part time job if she wanted to.

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19 and considered a minor... Japan either needs to lower the age for minors or up their age for being able to live alone and go to uni. It makes zero sense that you can get married, have kids, live alone, have sex, fight for your country and yet, stab a taxi driver and your name doesn't get released because you're a minor...

4 ( +7 / -3 )

tmarie san, fully agree with your statement. Couldn't believe my own eyes that 19y old is considered a minor but aren't minors when it comes to marriage, army service... but then again, hey, it's Japan and everything is possible, even owning child porn isn't a punishable offence....

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The girl would've gotten away with more money if she just slept with him - and he would be the one going to jail (even though she's old enough to be in college).

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I am hoping that one day I don't hear this same old crap "why is a 19 year old considered a minor ?" Well, you have to set an age, and it is 20 years old in Japan.

In many other countries, the legal age is 18. Basically the assumption is that 17 years and 355 days old is considered a minor but one day later the same person becomes an adult. it's the same bs as it is in Japan.

If we set it 18, then some would complain, "why is a 17 years old considered a minor ?" It will never stop.

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Mixican mean Yen.

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Feel sorry for the male cab driver to have his manhood insulted by a female " robber " !!

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Police say" Her motive was unclear"..... its as clear as day, she wanted his money !!! Same as Tokyu store charging me 75 Yen for potatoes that are black inside from being stored at too low a temperature. GREED

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Hide, 17 year old are high school students, not uni student living on there own - some of whom pay for their own bills, some of whom can get married. 20 is pathetic.

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@tmarie, I knew it was wrong to rob people when I was 17. I didn't suddently become mature when I turned 18 or 20. Everyone slowly matures. Some people complian if anything is different from their home country.

Some people think it's pathetic that 17 years olds are considered minors in your country.

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INdeed some do. But there is a huge difference between 17 and 20 in terms of maturity and what they are able to do. 19 is certainly not a minor and the laws need to start reflecting that.

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Her motives are unclear? um yea I'm not buying that, any fool can tell that the action she perform and the others clearly shows her motive, unless it turns into a long plot involving black mail, family in destress, and love story etc. etc.

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How did they catch her?

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