Gov't OKs bill to enable simpler court steps to spot cyberbullies


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Jgovt going to the extreme. What’s worse getting bullied at school or a anonymous comment attempting to bully the vulnerable ones??

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What happened to blocking?

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Easy. VPN-fake email address, name. Just as I do here.

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Easy. VPN-fake email address, name. Just as I do here.

don't know if that's enough.

if the VPN provider is offshore you're probably safe.

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Better teach all of them their strong points and a minimum level of self-confidence, so that they can laugh about such cyber-bullying, whatever that should be anyway. It’s all only virtual, bits and bytes, nothing of any value or substance. If I call someone stupid or I am called stupid, does that really change anything with that someone’s or my intelligence or stupidity level? No, of course not, because both sides know that the other one isn’t really stupid, otherwise one or both wouldn’t be capable of using the Internet , reading a message and writing or answering on the keyboard. That is all very too much overestimated as it is simply not true and existing in reality.

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