10 Japanese remain unaccounted for in Algeria


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I read on a Reuters source that all the remaining hostages and terorists weer killed by the Algerian forces, . . . . .. . . . .The countries, who had people there - such as Canada, Us, Japan etc - were not advised/ consultedi nadvance. . . ..

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It is all a conspiracy for the Algerians government botched job of hiding their own mistakes. It sounds very fishy that they did not want any other countries assistance on the hostage retrieval mission. We can only wait for the next story that comes out describing what had happened from the hostages themselves. The stories that are being told now are brief on how the army did a great job. This was only for the benefit of the Algerian govt and for them to get the heck out of the country.

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From Associated Press : In a bloody finale, Algerian special forces stormed a natural gas complex in the Sahara desert on Saturday . . .(leaving) . . .at least 23 hostages and all 32 militants dead, the government said............................So WHY is the J. gov't obfuscating this ??????

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It's just Abe using a crisis (that may already be over) to get his mug on TV and look proactive.

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So WHY is the J. gov't obfuscating this ??????

Isn't the nationality of many of the dead still unconfirmed?

You can't just go and declare people dead. It will take time before accurate, verified information is out.

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It's just Abe using a crisis (that may already be over) to get his mug on TV and look proactive.

The J-Gov has acknowledged that the crisis is over. And now trustworthy information on those freed and killed will start rolling in. As for Abe he has to put his mug on TV; the press pursue it and many in the country want to see it.

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Daijoboots :: YOu have a good point. .......................Human life is precious / sacred . ...........................however other news agencies, like Associated Press, are running the NUMBERS of dead . . .................. .Perhaps their overhast is typical news style

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They are dead, just like the rest of them, JIhadists do what jihadists do. To expect them to show special restraint for Japanese is a ridiculous idea, especially sind Japanese are "polytheists", a particular reprehensible category in the Jihadi world view.

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To expect them to show special restraint for Japanese is a ridiculous idea

There are reports that one has been confirmed dead, that two others were dead in a hospital, ten are unaccounted for, one was seen killed by a security guard, three made it out...

Give it time. Information is all over the place.

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"We want to reach the site as soon as possible".... less talking and more doing then please...Early this morning the British ambassador has already been reported arriving in the plant,s vicinity joining a small British embassy team that has been on the ground there for a while already.

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Japan always seem to think it will get better treatment than others which is laughable. Kind of like Canadian with a maple leaf on their bag. Terrorists don't care.

Japan unfortunately has no idea how irrelevant it is to the outside world. Some of my relatives actually think that I live in Singapore, or that Japan is a province of China (which it probably will be one of these days), no matter how often I tell them otherwise. Most Japanese are acutely aware of the special relationship that it has with US, but it doesn't really understand that the relationship is more like a dog and its master, rather than two equal partners.

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Says a lot more about your relatives than it does about Japan.

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It might be awhile to confirm the identities of those killed as there are reports of a pile of burned bodies.

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My maths at school was poor, but if you know that there are xxx amount of people on site at the begining of the shaft and after the raid there is xxx amount that has been rescued. if the is a shortage that means that xxx are missing/dead. surch the plant to find out whos missing /dead. how long does it take to do this? unless your trying to cover somthing up, what went wrong? could this be why they cant say for curtain whos dead/missing

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It's just Abe using a crisis (that may already be over) to get his mug on TV and look proactive.

And if he's not careful, this will be to him as the nuclear accident was to Kan and Noda. You have to wonder why he's taking on the PM role again (apart from to please botchan's parents and grandparents) - he looks even more dreadful and stressed out compared to his first stint.

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They are not going to announce them as dead until they have the bodies. The information about tsunami losses still separate the dead from the missing.

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Hunt down the people behind this & leave no stone unturned.

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I just read a french article in Le Monde, and hostages witnesses said that the nine remaining Japanese were killed.

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