Guam man appeals life sentence for stabbing rampage


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I guess he should have cried and shown strong regret instead.

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He got 3 life sentences and 15 years. Even if they take away the 15, he is still in prison for life and deserves to be there.

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Look at the set on this dude!. He callously murdered several people and injured several and he wants an appeal.? Where does he think he is? Japan? If I were the the appeals judge I would tack on another 25 years just for having the gonads to think he might get off lighter for what he did.

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I guess he should have cried and shown strong regret instead.

Did you read the article? Do you realize where this happened?

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He deserve that ..

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He deserves a death sentence!

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ok, appeal accepted: one life sentence removed, you have two life sentences + 11 years to go. or he prefers changing the sentence and get the chair instead?

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"DeSoto was sentenced to three life sentences. " "The judge also sentenced DeSoto to 15 years in prison" Guam is a permanent U.S. territory, for all intents and purposes it s America, like Hawaii.

The U.S. can and will usually impose severe sentences across the board for all on its soil or extradited aka justice for all; rather consistently. Japan conversely; ...its j-system, has established many different approaches to issuing sentences for its citizens, and alternatively has demonstrated bleak outcomes for extralocals.


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Sounds like a waste of time and tax payers' money.

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No sympathy here Chad. The only thing that would make me happier would be if they executed you. You are going to cost the tax payers about US$35,000 to keep in confinement which means that over a million dollars will likely be spent on the piece of garbage that is you.

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@The Tiger The death sentence can no longer be used in many countries and i think japan is one of them

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