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Guam man sentenced to life for killing 3 Japanese tourists


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Wow...That guy sucks

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Excellent decision. I understand the arguments about "mental illness" and "treatment" but the deciding factor was protecting the public. It does not say this in the article but I would bet that another factor was "premeditation" as deciding to get into a car and deciding to run people over and then deciding to exit the car and finally deciding to stab people with a knife does suggest that DeSoto was aware of what he was doing.

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If this criminal doesn't deserve the death penalty, not sure who does. RIP to all the innocent victims of this lunatic.

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That little weasel of a guy was able to kill those people. Since it is US territory they should transfer him to a US prison and see how long he will live. He would not last long. I can understand why his GF left him he is a little wimp.

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Do the crime, do the time. Justice served.

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I never understand multiple lifetime sentences, how does that work? So if he comes back to life like a zombie, they can incarcerate him again?

Anyway glad its life and no parole!

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Yasuhiro Uehara, whose daughter and mother-in-law were both killed in the Feb 12, 2013 attack, said the perpetrator would have been sentenced to death in Japan. I'm very sorry this is not Japan and the punishment is not available here Uehara said through an interpreter.

Before people start coming in here saying justice was served and the death penalty is barbaric, put yourself in this man's shoes losing 2 family members to the same man. Your family members, one of whom you raised, invested time, money and lots of love in, are gone. At the same time, this man will be still breathing, showering, eating 3 meals a day, playing basketball, card games, etc without a single care about what he did to disrupt your life.

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He read a three-page letter in court asking for mercy which cited biblical verses from St. Paul on faith, hope, and love.

Cherry picking a-hole. If he loves the Bible so much, he must have forgotten:

Exodus 21:12 "Whoever strikes a man so that he dies shall be put to death."


Leviticus 24:17 "Anyone who takes the life of a human being is to be put to death."

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Does anyone know if life in Guam actually means life or if it's 25 years or something?

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Even if some kind amnesty happens, he can not go out. Life sentences sometimes end in 25 years because they volunteer in public jobs etc. This will also be impossible if he got 3 life sentences.

I do not understand this, mental illness excuse. Everybody can play mad in a situation like that. He has to stay in prison or in hospital. Some people have mental illness and are brought to hospital, but some other people choose to have mental illness because they choose not understand reality and choose to have unrealistic expectations about life and themselves. His gf left him and he was sick??? Are you serious? I can pretend that my cat run away from house and I am sick... Do I have the right to kill 3 people and injure 11 others?

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Officer Goro in the back is NOT pleased.

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Would be interesting how many years this life sentence is in total. This guy has no respect for other human lives. Death sentence would have been adequate for what he done.

0 ( +2 / -2 )

Little POS I hope he rots in there , but the tax payer has to pay for it, best to get the knotted rope out me thinks, he deserves not to live.

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"DeSoto won’t be eligible for parole, Sukola said." I think that means life = life.

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This man did it, he destroyed lives, he deserves the death penalty. I dont need him getting mental health care while serving a life sentence and I absolutely dont ever want him on the street again. This man is why there's the death penalty.

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Awful crime. One of my students was actually in Guam in the vicinity at the exact time of the incident (strangely enough, she still loves overseas travel and hopes to leave nice, safe Japan for good one of these days). I personally find it odd that most of my Japanese students, friends and acquaintances were so charitable towards the perpetrator. Imagine if it had happened in US or China!

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He read a three-page letter in court asking for mercy which cited biblical verses from St. Paul on faith, hope, and love.

A very religious sicko?

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finally justice never sleep

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Unfortunately Guam doesn't have the death penalty, unlike 32 of the 50 states in the United States...

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I never understand multiple lifetime sentences, how does that work?

Multiple life sentences is just insurance so that he NEVER gets out. Its just a procedural thing to make sure that he doesn't get paroled after serving 30-40 years, or by some strange loophole in the law, one of the life sentences gets nulled and he gets released sometime later.

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Does anyone know if life in Guam actually means life or if it's 25 years or something?

Guam Superior Court Judge Anita Sukola sentenced Chad DeSoto to three life sentences to be served concurrently. DeSoto won’t be eligible for parole, Sukola said.

Unless it's subsequently ruled that the judge erred in sentencing him, "not being eligible for parole" means life in prison.

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That is not fair punishment for the three he murdered.

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