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Guam man who killed 3 Japanese tourists begs for shorter sentence


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Judge: OK. You obviously regret the taking of 3 human lives, so I'm going to reduce your sentence from 3 life sentences to 2 life sentences.

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Of course he will claim to be "sorry" now that he has realised he will die in prison. Perhaps they can find something useful for him to do in prison that will help make amends for what he has done. He should never be released.

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After 15 years throw him in mental institution for life. He belongs there.

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Words fail me.... O.o

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god.. life sentence is not enough you jerk! be grateful that they are keeping you alive where you deserve to die 3 times the way how you ruthlessly kill your victims

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Tourism is one of the main markets for Guam and this crime also made some people think twice about going there. He should not only be locked up for his horrendous crimes but also as a message to all wannabe criminals that the government won't be pushed over.

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I say reduce his sentence to 15 years in prison, then hang him.

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You took 3 lives. You're only getting one life sentence. That's a shorter sentence. Shut up and be happier with that.

The AG’s office, the community, the entire world has zoomed into a single day in my life, hyper analyzed it and have judged me immensely for it,” De Soto read from his statement. “But that is not the only day I have lived.”

No but it was the only day you killed. Muppet.

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Keep this Criminal "locked up" forever. He has committed a "horrendous crime" now he wants to be freed? Keep him locked up forever!

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Hafa? Someone needs to fökai this guy already.

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... Chad De Soto’s request to lower his conviction from aggravated murder to murder. The reduced conviction could make him eligible for release after 15 years ... De Soto drove his car through a group of pedestrians ... striking Hitoshi Yokota, 51, who died at a hospital two days later. De Soto then got out of the vehicle and stabbed to death Kazuko Uehara, 81, and Rie Sugiyama, 29. DeSoto was also convicted of injuring 11 others in the attack.

How is that not 'aggravated murder'?

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I would have to say no. He should spend the rest of his days thinking about the horrible crime he has committed. No.

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He should spend the rest of his life in prison. It's a more cruel punishment than death in my opinion.

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How about a life shorting sentence? That would be more fitting.

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He might get out when he is very old, Guamanian s corrupt-control that island.

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Why the hell should he get leniency? The sentence should be tripled, minimum.

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Life without parole is what he got and what he deserves. Nothing less.

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Those three people's death's are final and forever. They can't be "shortened". Consequences - chew on that.

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The nerve!

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