Guam rampage suspect accused of witness tampering


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As I suspected, how could his girlfriend be a character witness when there is a conflict of interest. Absolutely ridiculous, he should be beheaded.

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Interesting method of dispatch but appropiate.

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Those advocating beheading should grow up or join Al Quada. He hasn't't been convicted yet, and do you think behaving like a savage serves any real purpose? Juvenile at best.

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Speaking of appropriate, your avatar seems well chosen for somebody telling others to grow up just because your opinion differs.

He hasn't't been convicted yet

He crashed a car into people, then got out and started stabbing them. Sane enough to obstruct justice too.

do you think behaving like a savage serves any real purpose?

Yes. (Savage is your opinion, not mine)

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I happened to go drinking with a guy from Guam and he knew the defendant. Said he was famous for being unbalanced. Not that that makes what he did okay...he should be punished to the full extent of the law.

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