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Hacker mercenaries linked to spying attacks on Japan, South Korea


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Shouldn't be too hard to hack into the Diet. When this first surfaced, there were reports that those politicians were using PWDs like 0000, 1234 or other similar idiotic PWDs. There seems to be a general ignorance or lack of security consciousness prevailing in the government; must drive the info security folks crazy. Yes, these ossan Diet members are the folks that the country entrusts our national security.

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Kaspersky is based in Moscow Russia. It is simply not possible for them to provide a unbiased report not politically optimized for Putin & co.

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Lets not forget that Snowden was also a 'contractor'. People concerned with security issues should think deeply about this. The bulk of actual spy work is conducted by private citizens, acting based on ideological interests. There are members of cult, religious, or fraternal organizations who provide access or do favors for their 'brothers' without knowing any of the details.

Contractors are only a small part of the problem and are easy to deal with compared to the hundreds of (potential) agents infiltrating Japan annually as 'students' and 'language teachers'.

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NSA footprints

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But big brother USA, & the NSAwould never do this to is poor Japanese ! Please just check out how the NSA has hacked other gov's around the world. But once again,"oh no they would never do that to us"!

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Every government is a big brother. If ya guys think other governments don't do the same, there's a bridge we'd like to sell.

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DJbooth: But big brother USA

Kaspersky is a well-known Russian cybersecurity company which did not accuse the USA. But I guess you know more than they do.

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