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Hackers threaten Sony staff in new email


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A while back I saw a few things online where Sony camera parts were found to have being used in Sidewinder missiles being used by the Israeli army. Less savory groups were calling for boycotts of Sony back then, and I can only imagine that similar missiles are being used by the American forces in Syria and Iraq at the moment. If a group called 'GOP' is claiming responsibility, it must be related.

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How is it that the movie "The Interview" by Sony's Columbia Pictures, which is all about an assassination attempt on Kim Jong Un, isn't mentioned in this article once?

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Don't they spend money on cyber security? Most Japanese corporations seem to be lax in this area.

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These Guardians of Peace (GOP) make no sense at all. Why hit Sony if you're all about peace!

Why don't they reveal what their version of peace is all about if they are in fact trying to destroy an entire corporation?

I would call them a bunch of idiots and cowards for doing the opposite of what their name suggests. Not unless they're from North Korea then it would make total sense.

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e mail. It is easy to catch culpits now. Son Puctures is based in USA. In our area, people receive email suggesting our SS numbers, Drivers license numbers to give them to get prize etc. Then these are reported to LEA. Then we hear culpits got caught. Some people are zipped but emails catch e mail using criminals right away.

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it will turn out to be an inside job in the end, someone with server admin rights who could get around security. such a shame, all this because of some insane idiot with an agenda

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The email from a group calling itself Guardians of Peace (GOP) also warned Friday that “all hope will leave you and Sony Pictures will collapse,” according to the industry journal Variety.

In all honesty their timing is fairly good with SNE not looking to be paying a dividend.

Hirai said that top-line growth would be achieved by the TV network business, program production and focus on blockbuster movies. He said margins would also improve and that film-related costs would be reduced by $300 million. Hirai called Sony’s film business “one major pillar of the (Sony) group that has been producing steady profits.” Sony’s forecast for its music business is for 8 percent growth to revenue of $5.2 billion in the same time frame. Hirai apologized for a previously announced decision not to pay shareholders a dividend for the current fiscal year. “I promise that we will resume paying dividends in the near future,” he said. He also said Sony will hold another meeting this year to present a midterm business plan for getting the group back to profitability after a long season of red ink.

= take out Sony Pictures and you may have a collapse of SNE.

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Why not reverse and return the hack just simply send a drone to their home kaboom end of story!

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...LOL, I wanted to get a Kim Jong Un punching bag for Christmas. a very "FAT" one.

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tiny work for them? For Sony Pictures to be erased they should be very rich and powerful. If ever they become successful, they will be identified and caught and they are the ones who will be erased.

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I wonder if facebook is better protected than sony!?

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Why is it "implausible" that this was the work of North Korea? Those kinds of puerile threats seem just like their usual bluster when they are agitated about international criticism. This time it's Sony's upcoming comedy about assassinating their "cherished leader".

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Damn hackers.need to be caught and arrested.

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