Hard times for yakuza members


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No doubt the severe decline in population of youngsters also has a huge role in this. Is it really possible that the Yaks can disappear forever?

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@Aly RustomOCT. 22, 2015 - 08:40AM JST No doubt the severe decline in population of youngsters also has a huge role in this. Is it really possible that the Yaks can disappear forever?


not sure about forever but there was a role model family in Japan. Grandfather oyabun became politician and later he became Minister of Postal. he had tattoo all over his body and his nickname was Irezumi Daijin. He made sure his descendents have education and his grandson became popular PM. I don;t know bottom ranked yakuzas but oyabuns raise their children educated to colleges.

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Long tolerated as a necessary evil for ensuring order on the street and getting things done quickly

I've always enjoyed these justifications for organized crime. Never mind the crimes they commit, other people aren't committing any around here. And never mind that the reason things don't get done quickly in the first place is the gangsters will come along and wreck things or bollix everything up if they don't get their payment.

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Don't cry for them. There's always the government.

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Every business entity here is either directly or somewhat indirectly connected with at least one Yakuza faction, so no they'll never disappear. Yes, even a certain poster's beloved idol groups have direct connections. They're too entrenched - to the point of it being 'accepted' - to ever decline, let alone disappear completely.

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Part of the appeal of such gangs to young kids is having lots of money.

If even lifelong yakuza need a day job to make ends meet, the organization is doomed.

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Mafioso syndicates have long been romanticized. As long as we don't feel their wrath, they will always be looked upon as piquing one's curiosity. Good read!

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vf one has excellent business skill, Mafia ask to be an asspciate No one romanticize in USA as it is well known that Mafia punished Tony the Ant by killing him in Cleveland cornfield buried alive. Autopsy showed plenty sands in his and his brother's stomach. Only people of Sicilian descendants can join Mafia and numbers are declining in USA

Unlike some of writers comments here, yakuzas are considered less than Japanese in Japan, When they want to enter thEIR children to Jr Hs that has Sr HS, they go to a high ranking shizokus house to beg to be their Children's sponsor Hoshonin.

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