Headless pigeon, duck found in Tochigi


The headless bodies of a pigeon and duck were found in the city of Otawara, Tochigi Prefecture, this week, police said Friday.

The body of the pigeon was discovered by a local resident on the sidewalk of a public road at just around noon on Thursday,Fuji TV reported.

The pigeon had no additional visible injuries on its body and there was no blood at the site, leading police to believe that someone severed the pigeon’s head at another location.

According to police, the grisly find comes just a day after the discovery of a dumped headless duck on the premises of an apartment building located about 500 meters from where the pigeon was found.

Police believe the same perpetrator may be involved and, if caught, may be charged with a violation of the Wildlife Protection Law.

Tochigi made the news late in October with a similar case, when the severed head and two legs of a cat, as well as some 1,100 dead fish, were found in a park in the city of Nasukarasuyama. There is, however, no reported evidence of any connection between the incidents.

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"The headless bodies of a pigeon and duck"

I have Said this Information Several times... so I won't mention it again... :-)

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But is there any penalty for a violation of the Wildlife Protection Law?

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The country is run by a bunch of headless chickens as well. see them on TV and in the news all the time.

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Were there external injuries on the bodies of the duck and pigeon? They are not all that easy to catch.

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It's sad that the animals can't even fly freely in such a safe place as Japan I guess loonies are everywhere

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If the cops can catch this guy, can they put him to work on the crows in Tokyo?

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i cant believe this is even news.

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