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High school teacher arrested for drunk driving


Police in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture, have arrested a 54-year-old high school teacher for driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to police, a car driven by Tadahide Tokutake crashed into a parked truck inside a parking lot at around 4 p.m. Sunday, Fuji TV reported.

Tokutake was arrested after failing a breath test, police said, adding that the suspect denied being drunk.

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adding that the suspect denied being drunk.

I guess he doesn't remember drinking so early in the day. Way to throw away a career so close to retirement age.

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Wonder what his BAC level was. He must've really been pounding those drinks to be so intoxicated by 4pm. Glad he didn't kill anyone, especially a child.

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Day drinker, huh? I expected this to be at night after one of his school's many end-of-the-year/farewell/welcome parties or something like that. Well, whatever the time of day, there's no excuse for driving drunk.

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Claim being drunk when you are not, and deny it when you are. Nice.

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Drinking and driving is one of the poorest choices an individual can make. Unfortunately too many people are making this unwise choice. Drunk drivers endanger themselves and others on the road. A greater deterrent must be made against drinking and driving because the existing deterrents are slaps on the wrists to most offenders. whatever the case, it is a serious problem that needs a solution quickly.

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Drunk in the afternoon on a Sunday? That's not so unusual, but driving is very irresponsible. I'm sure this guy will become an 'ex' high school teacher as a result of this.

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I'm glad the police are doing a good job. Catching drink drivers after accidents happen rather than before.

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Greater education of the risks of drink driving is needed, adverts etc. So irresponsible for anyone but wow for a teacher!!!! As a bar owner it is very worrying customers drink driving/riding because in Japan the bar owner is also liable. Many times i have had to either get the keys from customers which is no easy thing i can tell you. Or organize a driver or bundle them into a taxi. Just glad no1 got hurt!This time…..

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I don't see how this is notable news though. Drunk driving is still fairly rampant here, and I'm not sure whether him being a high school teacher makes it relevant to the rest of us.

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I'm glad the police are doing a good job. Catching drink drivers after accidents happen rather than before.

This is a rather bizarre comment. What are you expecting, a completely clairvoyant national police force?

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It doesn't say he lost his job, or that he was imprisoned. As a Japanese teacher, one thing you have is job security. You have to do something really bad to lose your job. If I remember correctly, there was a story here a while back where a teacher roughed up a student in class. Even he didn't lose his job.

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sensei- from what I've heard a DUI is grounds for firing for normally secure 'salaryman ' jobs, so I would guess teachers as well.

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I see I got a couple of thumbs down. For what exactly?

Catching drink drivers after accidents happen rather than before.

This sarcastic comment makes little sense. The police do patrols and do road blocks and inspections. However, it is highly unrealistic and critical to expect the police to find every drunk driver before the get involved in an accident. Go ahead and thumb it down, but the only one at fault of the drunk driver. This is a fact. Fortunately no one was hurt.

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