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High school teacher arrested for hit-and-run in Yamagata


Police in Yamagata City said Wednesday they have arrested a 60-year-old high school teacher arrested over a fatal hit-and-run case.

In the incident that occurred at around 1:45 a.m. on Dec 20, the suspect, Akitsugu Saito, who teaches at Tateoka High School, hit Tohoku Bunkyo University associate professor Toshio Matsukawa, 56, with his car and dragged him along for for 1.5 kilometers, killing him in the process.

NTV reported that police found fragments from Saito's car at the scene and began questioning him on Tuesday morning after examining street surveillance camera footage.

Police said Saito has denied the charges, saying that he had never been on the road where the accident occurred.

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If this is yet another case of fleeing for having just a little bit of alcohol, then chalk up one more victim of the zero tolerance policy.

Of course there is one more zero tolerance policy to consider, and that is the zero tolerance concerning hitting a pedestrian. In Japan, you know you will be railroaded. It does not matter what the pedestrian was doing, even if they were not pedestrians at all, but rather, passed on the road wearing dark grey clothes. Or if they ran out from between two parked cars. Their life is over and so is yours, only you get to go to purgatory before you actually die.

Of course people run! You may as well shoot at people first, missing them, and tell them to stop after! Who the hell knows which they will do then! The Japanese system is set up to instill fear rather than treat people fairly, and surprise! Scared people do crazy things.

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If fragments from his car are the only pieces of evidence linking him to the crime, maybe someone else was driving?

Anyway, I cannot begin to comprehend how you drag a body with your car for 1.5 kilometers without noticing.

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He was drunk! For sure! The cops have pieces of his and video evidence, but he is denying he was even there? It 'might' be another case of guilty until proven innocent, but his denial will not sit well with the judge if he is convicted.

2 ( +4 / -2 )

"dragged him along for for 1.5 kilometers, killing him in the process."

Ugh... :(

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