Himeji bar owner killed in arson attack


An apparent dispute over money resulted in the death by arson of the owner of a hostess bar in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, police said Sunday.

According to police, the bar owner, who has been named as Aimi Nemoto, 27, became embroiled in a dispute over money with her ex-partner, Takeshi Suzuki, 35, Fuji TV reported.

Suzuki is accused of breaking into Nemoto's bar in the early hours of Saturday and setting fire to the property by spraying gasoline. Nemoto died in the blaze and four others were injured, police said.

Suzuki also suffered burns and turned himself in later Saturday. He is currently in hospital. Police said they will charge him with murder after he recovers.

A police investigation revealed that the pair had been involved in a dispute over a loan, according to Fuji TV. Police say they are currently investigating the possibility that the loan was related to other illegal activities.

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So crazy. RIP

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i still dont get the turn yourself in. he must have had nothing to live for. she must have cleaned him up.

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What kind of an idiot kills for money?? RIP young lady in Himeji.

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What kind of an idiot kills for money?? RIP young lady in Himeji.

Well as you already know this ELBUDA... you come from Mexico. Anyone kills for money under desperate situations. Especially people doing illegal transactions.

these news in Japan are beginning to get quite common. Japanese need to start evaluating the situation much more and go back to producing jobs here in Japan not in foreign soil. That will keep people working, busy and occupied. Their mind will be on something productive not otherwise. This is starting to feel like other parts of Asia.

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"other illegal activities." ?

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Charge for murder now, dont wait till he gets out of the hospital. Can he talk now? If he can talk, go to trail. He can heal in a prison hospital.

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Hostess bar in Himeji? Must be pretty lame...... and owned by a 27 year old?

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elbuda mexicano we all know you had a bad experience with a japanese women.Stop writing bad things about japan.

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Rest in Peace to the Lady. Burning someone to death is the most cowardly and despicable thing I can think of. Only an evil person could do this. Let's hope this animal experiences extreme misery for the remainder of his worthless life.

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@narita1 " Stop writing bad things about japan." the whole world knows how it is in Japan ...much much youre too late....

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"other illegal activities." ?

Just typical Japanese police profiling of people related to the bar business

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Where there is a snack bar, there is illegal activities. No need to profile. Neojamal, other countries call it prostitution.

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