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Hiroshima woman arrested over death of newborn baby


A 27-year-old woman has been arrested in Hiroshima for allegedly killing her newborn baby and then placing the body in a closet of her home.

According to police, Aoi Ota gave birth to a boy on the second floor of her home in Hiroshima on Nov 15, and then killed him by covering his mouth and nose.

TBS reported Thursday that although six people were living in the house, including Ota's husband and both her parents and her brother, only Ota was present on the second floor at the time of the incident.

Police said Ota was arrested on Nov 20 for stealing about 100,000 yen from the store where she worked.

On the same day, Ota's relative opened the closet and discovered the infant's body inside, and then phoned police.

Police quoted Ota as saying that she did not kill her baby but she admitted to disposing of his body.

Ota's husband told police he thought his wife had had a miscarriage.

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Again; Women Readers of Japan Times: WHY would you CARRY a Baby in you for NINE MONTHS and then KILL IT....I just do NOT understand.

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Another Mother of the Week, sadly. If you're going to carry a baby to term, PLEASE give it up if you don't think you can raise it, and DEFINITELY give it up if you are thinking of murdering it. May this woman rot in hell. I don't care that some are no doubt going to come on here and start making up excuses if she did indeed kill the child, saying PPD or some other EXCUSE, but the woman is a murderer and needs to spend a long time behind bars.

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Wow ... what type of women is that ... killer and thief

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Khulifi, that isn't a woman, that is a murderous heartless loser. You guys are right. I had PND and noone was in any danger from me hurting anyone, not even the most depressed decent loving mother could do that to her baby. Lock her up.

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and then killed him by covering his mouth and nose

Lots of good people out there who dream of having kids and this psychopath does the unthinkable. What a Bully

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Yeah, this kind of thing happens all over the world, but Japan is the only so-called 'developed country' that it happens two or three tines a month!

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All those people in the house, and not one of them knew a birth was going on upstairs? And then she didn't say anything to any of the others? If you believe that, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you. Props to the one who called police instead of covering this crime up.

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The wife - words fail me. But Im blown away by the husband too. A "miscarriage" of a full term or near full term pregnancy - and he didn't think that necessitated any kind of hospital stay or wondered where his sons body was?

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The only crime that baby is guilty of is being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Very sad.

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he thought the wife suffered a miscarriage! WTF he didn't ask where the baby was

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It could be the socialized pressure to marry the person they got knocked up with and then carry it to term. That would be my guess as to why this happens.

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Especially in Japan, living with 6 inflexable people in the house is stressful. Maybe the husband and the family was always critical of her actions and she felt rejected by the family. Severe depression is less common, but could cause a woman to be aggressive and exercise poor judgment. It is important that family members understand and acknowledge warning signs. But your talking about Japan.

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Joshua GarciaDec. 05, 2014 - 03:06AM JST It could be the socialized pressure to marry the person they got knocked up with and then carry it to term.

And that makes it alright to kill the baby, Does it fella?

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You cant blame the husband - he sounds like a run of the mill, unsupportive, disinterested, head in the sand Japanese man. She says she miscarried, as long as she has dealt with it, what more would he think he needed to know. We are not talking about a decent, involved person. This is totally on her. How she could snuff out the life of that baby I just don't know. She needs prison, and a lot of it, I think the message needs to be sent to these pathetic, weak useless females that if you do this, you will be severely punished.

She could have walked away from the baby, survived and thrived, all it took was leaving it downstairs in the house, saying to the family she didnt want it, and walking away, it had no chance of surviving her.

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I am currently pregnant with my first child and my Japanese husband has been completely clueless the entire pregnancy about what is going on in there.

I can see this woman telling her husband that she miscarried and telling a complete lie of what happens during a miscarriage and her husband believing every single word.

It's been hell for me just trying to get my husband to read information on babies and pregnancy. So I can completely believe this man being left in the dark about it all.

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UsagitoSaru, I hear ya Sister. I was in your situation 14 years ago, and although it is a little off topic, and I hope I dont offend you, but when Japanese men are being that useless, it doesnt bode well for after the birth. If I had my time again, I would go home to have the baby, and look at the situation from there. It is a recipe for PND or a really bad stressful scene.

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