Hokkaido man arrested over attempted murder of woman in Tokyo hotel


Police in Tokyo have arrested a 56-year-old man from Hokkaido on suspicion of attempted murder and robbery after he strangled a woman and stole her cash at a hotel in Tokyo.

According to police, Seichi Akahira, whose occupation is unknown, is accused of strangling the woman in her 50s, who is a sex worker, in a hotel room in Taito Ward at around 9:10 p.m. on Sept 10, Fuji TV reported. After repeatedly threatening to kill the woman, Akahira straddled her and strangled her, using both hands. He stopped his assault, stole the woman's cell phone, 83,000 yen in cash and fled.

Police said the woman suffered injuries which will require two weeks to recover from.

Akahira went to Oarai Port in Ibaraki Prefecture to board a ferry to Hokkaido where he was arrested on Wednesday. He was quoted by police as saying he had come to Tokyo many times since the beginning of the year to use the services of the same woman.

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Glad they were able to catch the POS before he got away. I imagine that the victim knew a bit about him, at least the fact he was from Hokkaido, as he was a regular customer. So, the cops knew to stake out the relevant escape routes.

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Best wishes for a quick recovery”.

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Didn’t we just visit a similar story on Aug 5, 2021. Regardless, this will probably end with similar “Justice” meted out :

- “Prosecutors drop case against man accused of assaulting woman in hotel“ Aug. 5 

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A sex worker. in her

-5 ( +13 / -18 )

Why did he attack her??

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These J guys apparently have a certain affinity for their much-frequented, preferred sex worker UNTIL something is said, done or, refused that they just can’t seem tolerate or walk away from. Instead, they feel justified to rob, rape and attempt to murder their pay-day ‘sweetheart’.

Most often, after a payoff, these types of cases with circumvent any ‘real’ justice and disappear from the mainstream news.

Another example in the last year:

- Feb 11, 2021: - “Chairman of sporting goods retailer Alpen arrested over sexual assault”n -

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she told him the truth about his performance or his endowment.

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Akihira stole her cell phone?

What an idiot.

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doesnt matter what his job is. he is not proficient at any task.

lucky for her this time. best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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In her 50s and still making money off her back. Lady give that Cat a rest, meow meow. She had 83,000 yen, she must of had a busy day. After this incident I hope she find a new and safe profession.

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