Hokkaido man arrested after discovery of mother's remains in freezer


Police have arrested a man after the remains of his mother were found in a freezer at their home in Fukagawa, Hokkaido.

According to police, local officials discovered the remains of Yukiyo Suekichi, 73, in a freezer located in the basement of her home, on the night of Oct 30, TBS reported Saturday. Police made the discovery after receiving multiple calls from concerned neighbors who had noticed her absence since mid-September.

The woman's second oldest son, Hideki Shikibu, 43, was charged with murdering his mother. Although Shikibu had been registered as living elsewhere in Hokkaido, he had in fact been living with his mother for quite some time, police said.

Autopsy reports confirmed that Suekichi had died of suffocation after signs of strangulation were discovered on her neck, police said, adding that the remains had been placed in the freezer a few days after her death.

Police said Shikibu has confessed to killing his mother.

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Hats off to concerned neighbors who actually DID SOMETHING when they noticed something suspicious!

Many people would just go on with their merry lives and say/do nothing...

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Let me guess...he was unemployed and freeloading off of mom. She got tired of him playing video games and told him to get a job. They go into an argument and he killed her. He placed her remains in the freezer so he could keep receiving her pension.

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sensei258 sadly, you may be right.

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Police said Shikibu has confessed to killing his mother.

and the motive was...??

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